The multidisciplinary hospital for active treatment “Dr. Tota Venkova” in Gabrovo received a new EEG device from “Bulgarian Christmas”


The “Dr. Tota Venkova” multispecialty hospital for active treatment in Gabrovo received a new electroencephalography (EEG) device from “Bulgarian Christmas”. This was announced by the press center of the hospital.
The device worth BGN 46,752 was delivered today. This is another renewal of the material and technical base in the hospital, which is carried out with the help of “Bulgarian Christmas”. Epilepsy, inflammatory diseases of the brain, post-traumatic encephalitis, tumors, sleep disorders, tension-type and migraine-type headaches are proven with an EEG examination. The procedure is easily tolerated by children and is safe. It is often perceived as a game due to the sound and light signaling of the high-tech devices, according to the medical facility.
About 120 children who need timely and precise EEG diagnostics pass through the pediatric department of the “Dr. Tota Venkova” General Hospital annually. A large number of them need control EEG studies every three to six months in order to monitor and adjust anticonvulsant therapy. The examination is also necessary when the children appear at TELK. A team of trained personnel will work with the equipment – Dr. Mariela Kazandzhieva, specialist in nervous diseases, senior nurse Elisaveta Ivanova and nurse Dianka Dimitrova. This will help in the early diagnosis of a wide range of diseases, as well as in the targeted treatment of epilepsy in children, informs the Medical Center “Dr. Tota Venkova”.
The hospital in Gabrovo was opened on May 15, 1894 in the specially built building on Bajdar Hill. In February 1963, the first sod was laid on the new hospital building, it was opened in December 1967. In July 1971, Dr. Tota Venkova, the first female doctor in Gabrovo, was elected patron. The main building has 10 floors with 18 wards and 720 beds. The last stage of the construction of the new building ended with the opening of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Complex in June 1974. Today, the hospital is the largest medical facility in the Gabrovo region.

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