Pavel Andreev: Regular donors don’t need Christmas to help!


“What I have noticed over the years of working in the field of giving is that people donate from all walks of life, but what they have in common is that they have reached some level in their lives that is personally satisfying and they need to help , Pavel Andreev said in “Night Horizon”, creator of the PavelAndreev.BG platform.

PavelAndreev.BG is the largest a platform for organizing charity campaigns to dial the funds for treatment and for social causes in Bulgaria.

280 are the active campaigns for the domain on the platform.

She successfully connects people who need help with the people who need help. The platform is high-tech and offers six convenient donation methods, which cover the needs of all donors worldwide. It is characterized by specific and clearly defined rules for disbursement of health campaign funds and a team that is with the beneficiaries from the launch of their campaign to its successful conclusion.

“For the platform i can say that it was not created for what it is for now. This was done so that I could more easily digitize money in one place with my friends, with whom we are separated by distance, so that we can not transfer money to each other’s accounts with them, but digitally in one place it can be united.

After that though this thing coincided with my thoughts and with a woman with whom we found each other. She wanted it done campaign to help two children during the pandemic, that’s how we started it all with their help and suddenly our platform became visible to the public.

Everything at some point it coincidedPavel Andreev also told.

He advised the people that if there is something or a thought that “gets up and goes to bed” with, then you have to make it happen“.

“I would also say that people don’t know how to run charity campaigns and that’s normal. We are always talking to people who want to start a campaign with us.

We give them guidance on how to emotionally tell their personal story, to show what the problems really are them, before the donor you don’t need to show strength, he is there to help you and he will help youbecause he sees that you are in a difficult time.

Be transparent with donors, give reports on collected fundsanswer every call, I pick up on everyone – donor, beneficiary, you do too. Keep people informed as the cause develops – good, bad – tell each other as it is, Pavel Andreev also advised donors and people seeking help from campaigns.

In his words – “For regular donors, Christmas doesn’t have to come to help!”

Pavel Andreev

Some of the thousands successfully implemented campaigns are:

“Life for Baby Christine” – she suffers from heart failure and needs a heart transplant. Within 10 days, the amount of almost 1 million BGN was collected and the child was transported by medical plane to India, where the transplant was successfully performed. Today she is in Bulgaria with her family.

“Give life to Mitko” – he suffers from leukemia and the amount of almost BGN 1.3 million was collected for his treatment. Treatment is still ongoing.

The platform has also launched the Children’s Treatment Fund, which is a monthly subscription or a one-time donation on account and aims to support persons under 18 who are fighting cancer or need a transplant. The purpose of the Fund is to support campaigns at the very beginning or when donor support declines. In this way, the immediate start of the treatment is guaranteed and that it is not interrupted at any time.

Also, there are a number social causes, which are successful implemented or in progress such as: construction and renovation of temples, campaigns to support children deprived of parental care, campaigns to publish books, to save animals and build shelters for them.

The team’s ambitions and goals are in 2024 d. for the platform to establish itself not only in Bulgaria, but also throughout Europe and gain the authority and rank of the largest charitable organizations. This would be a huge success not only for them, but also for the glorification of Bulgaria.

Pavel Andreev

Pavel Andreev was born on September 17, 1991 in the city of Dobrich. He graduated from the “First Language High School” in the city of Varna with a degree in German, and then from the University of Architecture, Construction and Geodesy (UASG) majoring in construction of buildings and facilities. His professional practice started with a number of internship positions already when he came to study in the city of Sofia at the age of 19. After graduating at the age of 24, he started working as a project manager in a construction company in the city of Varna, where he worked for 7 years until he was 31 years old. At the same time, he managed to develop a small business in the field of real estate. At the age of 20, he first encountered charity in various forms and has not stopped being active in it. On October 7, 2021, he established the Pavel Andreev Foundation, which is also the legal entity behind the platform PavelAndreev.BG.

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