“The Language of Love” by Sara Gio topped the weekly ranking of the Hermes bookstore in Ruse


“The Language of Love” by Sarah Gio topped the weekly ranking of the Hermes bookstore in Ruse.

In her new book, Sarah Gio tells the story of Jane Williams, who never fell in love. She devotes all her time to the flower shop inherited from her grandmother. During the day, she and her colleague Lo create beautiful non-standard bouquets, and she spends the evenings with her dog at home. And although he likes his life, he secretly dreams of meeting love.

The New Almanac is one of the titles that is quickly gaining popularity. This is also due to the fact that the personality of Vasil Levski continues and will continue to attract the attention of the nation, to gather in himself that patriotism and dedication to a holy cause that is worth living for. And to die, which few of us are capable of… And this is proof of the immortality of the ideas of the Apostle of the free Bulgarians.

For more interesting and useful books, visit the Hermes bookstore, Ruse, 70 Aleksandrovska St.

1. The Language of Love – Sarah Gio

2. “Wound” – Zahari Karabashliev

3. “The Final Right” – Kate Stewart

4. “Up to the fourth knee” – Vesselina Kozhuharova

5. “Palace” – Daniel Steele

6. “ALMANACH: V. Levski”

7. “Parents and Children” – Jorge Bucai and Demian Bucai

8. “Grandma’s kitchen and her cursed grandson” – Petar Stoyanovich

9. “Man’s Search for a Higher Meaning” – Viktor Frankl

10. “The Little Prince” – A.S. Exupery

The ranking was made on the basis of the realized sales in the period 30.10. 2023 – 05.11. 2023

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