1,000 square meters of forest were planted by the AstraZeneca team in Bulgaria


This year, the company’s forest in our country increased by nearly 400 trees near Sofia and in Varna

The AstraZeneca Bulgaria team conducted the company’s traditional reforestation campaign in different parts of the country. On an area of ​​one hectare in the forest near the Sofia village of Dolni Pasarel, in cooperation with the State Forestry of Sofia, 350 young pine trees were planted, which in the coming years will renew the vegetation of the area. At the same time, the company’s team in Varna contributed to the improvement of the Sea Garden by planting Japanese cherry trees in the historical center of the park.

The AstraZeneca Bulgaria team continues its active environmental policy with the aim of ennobling the environment, improving air quality and protecting human health. Part of the company’s program are annual afforestation actions throughout the country. The aim is to draw attention to air pollution as one of the risk factors for the development of respiratory, cardiovascular diseases and lung cancer, as well as to the need to protect the green systems of cities. To date, the company’s team in our country has planted nearly 800 trees in the capital and six large cities in the country, which contribute to air purification. As part of the Balkans cluster, in addition to Bulgaria, AstraZeneca’s teams in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro will also participate in the action again this fall. To date, the total number of trees planted on the territory of the Balkans cluster exceeds 5,000, and in 2023 it will increase by another 5,000. new trees.

The forestry shares are part of the global AZ Forest program linked to AstraZeneca’s flagship sustainability strategy – Ambition Zero Carbon. It is focused on achieving a zero carbon footprint in line with the Paris Agreement’s goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C.

Through AZ Forest, the company is on track to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its manufacturing processes globally by 98% by 2026 and aims to eliminate its residual emissions from the atmosphere from 2030 onwards. Taking a science-based approach, AZ Forest will remove about 30 million tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere over about 30 years.

Earlier this year, AstraZeneca announced it would invest $400 million in its global AZ Forest program, furthering its commitment to plant 200 million trees by 2030 and ensure their long-term survival.

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