The new mayors in the villages of Blagoevgrad region

The new mayors in the villages of Blagoevgrad region
The new mayors in the villages of Blagoevgrad region

After yesterday’s second round of local elections, several villages from the municipalities of Simitli, Petrich, Sandanski, Razlog and Gotse Delchev have new mayors.

In the Blagoevgrad village of Padesh, Alexander Stamenov, appointed by the initiative committee, won the runoff with 53.90%, ahead of his opponent Valery Kachulski from the SDS with 43.26%.

Ivaylo Kostov is the new mayor of the village of Brezhani in Simitli Municipality. He won the runoff with 53.08% ahead of his opponent, the previous mayor of the village – Blagoi Stefanov, who collected 46.92%.

In the village of Marikostinovo, municipality of Petrich, the vote was won by Gergana Todorova with 55.87% ahead of Ivan Sotirov from the SDS, who managed to collect 42.38% of the voters’ votes.

In the Sandan village of Valkovo, the current mayor Anton Khandzhiyski remains, who was elected with 60.34% of the votes, and his rival Evgeni Emilov collected 38.79%.

In the Razlog village of Banya, Nikolay Ushev won the runoff with 52.32%, ahead of Georgi Stiptsov with 45.40%. And in the Gotsedelchev village of Mosomishte, the newly elected mayor is Anna Donkova, with 56.62% of the votes. The data are from the Central Electoral Commission with 100% processed protocols in the Municipal Electoral Commission.

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