The balance after the runoff: What is the distribution of the parties in the big cities – Bulgaria

The balance after the runoff: What is the distribution of the parties in the big cities – Bulgaria
The balance after the runoff: What is the distribution of the parties in the big cities – Bulgaria

It was held on November 5 runoff in the local elections in almost the entire country, with the exception of 8 cities, where mayors were elected by a large majority in the first round – in Pernik, Yambol, Burgas, Kardjali, Targovishte, Vratsa, Montana and Stara Zagora.

The huge intrigue on the second round it was in the largest regional cities – Sofia, Blagoevgrad, Varna and Plovdiv.

With almost 100% of SIC protocols processed in the OIC, the new mayor of Sofia is Vasil Terziev from PP-DB with 48.17%, a critically small difference with the second – BSP mayoral candidate Vanya Grigorova with 46.92%. Until recently, the percentages between them melted and varied only between 0.9 and 2% difference.

IN Blagoevgrad, with 100% processed protocols from the sectional election commissions (SEC), Metodi Baikushev, nominated by the coalition “Continuing the change – Democratic Bulgaria”, received 50.21% of the votes. In second place is Ilko Stoyanov, nominated by an initiative committee, with 47.24%.

In Varna, with 100% processed protocols, the candidate of the coalition “Continuing the change – Democratic Bulgaria” Blagomir Kotsev received 53.06% of the votes. In second place is the GERB candidate Ivan Portnich with 41.52% of the votes.

IN Plovdiv Kostadin Dimitrov (GERB) leads with 54.15 percent of the ballots, followed by Ivaylo Staribratov from the coalition “We continue the change – Democratic Bulgaria” with 41.68 percent.

♦ What is the score for the parties after the two rounds?

GERD win in Burgas, Veliko Tarnovo, Vratsa, Gabrovo, Pleven, Plovdiv, Sliven, Smolyan, Stara Zagora, Targovishte and Haskov.

PP-DB in turn, they win in the regional cities: Sofia, Blagoevgrad, Varna and Pazardzhik.

BSP for their part, they take Ruse and Shumen.

♦ What is the situation in other regional cities?

Mayor of Seen Tsvetan Tsenkov, supported by SDS, NDSV and Novoto vreme, remains for another term.

For mayor of Dobrich Yordan Yordanov was elected, supported by MK DBG (DBG, ITN, NDSV, SSD, GN and VMRO-BND).

IN Kurdzhali DPS won in the first round. At the head of the regional city is Erol Myumyun, who received the support of mchalko more than 60% of those who went to the polls.

IN Kyustendil the long-time mayor Petar Paunov surrendered power, and the election was won by Ognyan Atanasov (almost 70%), supported by the Green Party.

And Lovech there will be a new mayor in the person of Stracimir Petkov, supported by the parties “There is such a people” and “Bulgarian Rise”.

IN Montana Zlatko Zhivkov begins his seventh term with nearly 63% support from the voters. It is supported by MK SDS (GERB, BND, VMRO-BND and ZNS).

IN Pillow case Stanislav Vladimirov won a new mandate with almost 80%. He was supported by the Pernik Prosperity Movement.

IN Razgrad the independent candidate Dobrin Dobrev was elected mayor.

IN Silistra also the independent candidate Alexander Sabanov won the election for mayor.

Already in the first round, Valentin Revanski, supported by “Direct Democracy”, won the battle in Yambol.

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