Political scientists for the runoff: Shameful victory in Sofia


“A shameful campaign and a shameful victory in Sofia,” commented political science teacher Rosen Stoyanov in “This Morning” on the occasion runoff in the capital.

“Actually, the difference is between 4,500 and 5,000 votes. If the leader of “Vazrazhdane” had called for a vote for Vanya Grigorova, it would have been a shameful loss for the PP-DB. This is a victory that I wouldn’t call pyrrhic and it gives a clear signal that PP-DB voters went wild and voted for Vanya Grigorova,” said political scientist Petar Cholakov in “This Morning”.


“Terziev lost an incredible amount between the first and second rounds. I wouldn’t flaunt it if I’m from PP. They should cover their heads with ashes for this candidate. The position of the leader of “Vazrazhdane” played a decisive role for Terziev to be mayor of Sofia, PP should thank Mr. Kostadinov a lot,” added political scientist Tatiana Burudzhieva.


According to Petar Cholakov, the participation of the PP-DB in the assembly cost them a heavy electoral price.

“In the first round, according to the exit poll of “Alfa Research”, 12% of those who voted for the PP-DB in the parliamentary elections voted for Vanya Grigorova. In the second round, 46% of those who voted for Anton Hekimyan in the first round voted for Vanya Grigorova. A growing distaste for politics and the political process. You can’t explain for years that you won’t work with GERB and DPS and then go cuddle with them,” Cholakov pointed out.


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