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A group of 7 students, accompanied by the deputy director of SU “Ivan Vazov” – Burgas Galina Valkova, arrived in the Italian city of Rimini to conduct a production practice under the Project “Knowledge and Skills for Future Success”, No. 2022-1-BG01-KA122 -VET-000077907.

The children from Burgas and their teacher were in the country of “Botusha” on 22.10.2023 under the Erasmus + program, where the students had the opportunity to intern in a real working environment in two of the highest category spa centers in the city of Rimini, as well as in the hospital for the elderly in the city of Kattolica.

During their internship, the students were able to familiarize themselves practically with various rehabilitation procedures, spa procedures and massages, with the specifics of performing procedures for elderly people, victims of accidents and people after surgery.

The future rehabilitators were also trained in the specific treatments – for prevention, for therapy, for rehabilitation, with techniques of application of SPA procedures and cycles of treatment. Key to the high quality of services was the importance of constant medical supervision and a staff of qualified operators.

During the two-week stay in Italy, the students got acquainted with the cultural and historical attractions of the city of Rimini, visited the smallest country and the oldest constitutional republic in the world – San Marino, as well as the city of Bologna, known for its beauty and rich history and historic buildings.

SU “Ivan Vazov”-Burgas realizes the need that in order for young people to be suitable for the labor market, they must know European values, speak foreign languages, have interpersonal skills, cultural awareness and the ability to learn new competencies, and Erasmus+ program provides the opportunity to make this dream a reality.

The mission of SU “Ivan Vazov” – Burgas is to provide students with up-to-date knowledge and skills in an appropriate way, which they can apply in the labor market and with which they can strive to achieve professional and personal development, job satisfaction, active civic participation and desire for further training.

The management of the school would like to sincerely thank the partners from Italy for the warm welcome and the excellent organization – “Sistema Turismo Socio Unico”, as well as the managers of PIAZZA HOTELS & RESIDENCES SRL – SAVOIA SPA, HOTEL I-SUITE and CASA DI RIPOSO RSA “VICI Hospital GIOVANNINI” for the daily care and mentoring!

Currently, another group from the school of 7 students and one teacher will again visit the city of Rimini for production practice. Burgazlii will be in the Italian city from November 6 to 20.

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