Mayors and councilors in Mineralni Bani were sworn in

Mayors and councilors in Mineralni Bani were sworn in
Mayors and councilors in Mineralni Bani were sworn in

The regional governor of Haskovo, Ginka Raycheva, opened the solemn first session of the new Municipal Council of Mineralni Bani. She wished the elected officials to be healthy and work for the development of the municipality.

“I believe that in the next 4 years you will work and make your decisions wisely, with professionalism, so that you can not only keep, but turn the municipality into an attractive place to live. I wish you and your families health and wisdom in making decisions, and at the end of the mandate, satisfaction with the work”, said the regional governor.

The newly elected councilors and mayors of town halls took the oath, after which Mümyun Iskender, who was elected for the fourth consecutive term as mayor of the municipality, did the same.

“With all the people who are present today, the municipality has done a lot of work during the previous three mandates. Major issues were resolved. But have we lived up to people’s expectations? No! There is still a lot of work to be done,” commented Iskender.

The oldest municipal councilor, Ahmet Yunlüsoy, leads the first session. It included one item, namely the election of the chairman of the Municipal Council. The candidates were the current chairman Mehmed Lyatif and Ekrem Yuzeir. With 11 to 2 votes, Yuzeir was elected to the post. After the local government elections, out of 13 municipal councilors, 12 are from DPS and one is from GERB.

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