The performance “Scenes of Dawn” is a guest at “ReBonkers” in Varna

The performance “Scenes of Dawn” is a guest at “ReBonkers” in Varna
The performance “Scenes of Dawn” is a guest at “ReBonkers” in Varna

The artistic collective “Emergency Theater” is visiting Varna tonight with the performance “Scenes of Dawn”, the hosts from the contemporary art space “ReBonkers” announce. The director is Juliana Saiska, who plays on stage with Elena Dimitrova, Yana Moroz, Elitsa Alexieva, Velislav Pavlov. After the end of the performance, a conversation with the audience on the topic “Theatre and psychoanalysis – making sense of the experience” is planned.
“Scenes of dawn” is the first part of the trilogy “Final Countdown – the human at the time of implosion”, specify the organizers. Its authors define it as an appeal to the spirit of the time, an oratorio about human helplessness, about the fear of losing the person next to us, about longings and illusions, about the power and comfort of awakening They believe that we must become aware of the reality we live in and accept or change it.
The dramaturgy is based on letters, poetry and a play by Tsveta Sofronieva, but as a collective work, the performance is in constant dialogue with the personal stories of the performers on stage. The author puts into her texts the understanding that we need to understand what is more important than fear, together to demythologize history and illusions about the future. Together with the artists, they stand against catalog love and the definition of man and his sensibilities according to advertising or political criteria. Their message is that only love guides and guides us, and its truth lies in its individuality and uniqueness.
The name of the theater group was inspired by the name for emergency department in English. They share a sense of the urgent need for intervention to relieve symptoms in the sore spots of our time. The group includes eight people – Yuliana Saiska (actress, director and psychodrama therapist), Tsveta Sofronieva (writer, playwright and physicist), Elena Dimitrova (actress and director), Yana Moroz (anthropologist and artist), Elitsa Alexieva (composer and musician), Velislav Pavlov (actor), Ralitsa Toneva (set designer) and Teodor Kotov (psychodrama therapist and artist).

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