Todor Popov: I accept the results of the elections and want to congratulate Mr. Kulenski! | PZdnes

Todor Popov: I accept the results of the elections and want to congratulate Mr. Kulenski! | PZdnes
Todor Popov: I accept the results of the elections and want to congratulate Mr. Kulenski! | PZdnes

On the first working day after election night, the previous mayor of Pazardzhik, Todor Popov, made a statement to the local media. We publish verbatim his words to the journalists:

“The results are the way they are and we all have to accept them, thank you to everyone who came out to vote and secondly thank you to everyone who supported us, because the support for us is not small, but we lost the competition. We have the most councilors, the most mayors of settlements. But the people categorically said – enough is enough for Pazardzhik and we must respect this vote. I have learned to respect people’s opinions. Therefore we accept it, I want to congratulate the newly elected mayor of Pazardzhik, congratulations to Mr. Kulenski!

After all, management is a complex process, it’s not just hating on the internet. It requires many qualities and a lot of team, it requires vision and action. I really hope he possesses all these qualities and builds on all that we have achieved all these years.

This is what I want to share with you all, I don’t want to comment on reasons. No one can manage people’s trust, no one can change anything by complaining or whining. Therefore, we have a new situation and I strongly hope that it will continue to develop forward, because it would be a shame if everything that we have been able to do thanks to the efforts of all people is spoiled. I really hope that doesn’t happen.

Regarding my humble persona, I will think more, in truth I will decide these days how to act. Should I remain as a municipal councilor, because with the experience and expertise I have, I believe I can be useful, I am the person with the most experience and the greatest insight into things and how such a community should function. So I will consider this carefully.

But I want to categorically state that my attitude towards Pazardzhik and future plans for mayor are over. One must know when to stop. That’s why we toast, life goes on. No one can take my power away from me. To congratulate all the mayors of settlements, all the municipal councilors who were elected. Because the municipal council is motley and it will cost the newly elected mayor a lot of effort to create a working majority. It is difficult to work without the support of the municipal council, as well as the support of the mayors of the settlements.

I will ask the mayors and councilors not to let their emotions take precedence over reason, I will ask them all to stay. Most of them want to leave. But we must be responsible to our city. Our city matters, because we will stay here to live. At least those are my plans for the next years. Twenty years of my life have passed – me and my team in this city. That’s half my conscious life, that’s not small. There is nothing to be ashamed of, nor anything to fear. I really hope, although knowing the people that we don’t get into the situation from next Monday, that Todor Popov is again to blame for everything. We see this in the state and all the settlements. I really hope that the guys who got the chance to drive show what they can do. And also to quickly make their teams and start working for the city.

From next Monday, they will bear full responsibility for what happens. “

Here is what Todor Popov said regarding the people from the municipal administration:

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