Fear shakes the BFS: Bulgaria – Hungary without an audience!


The national team of Bulgaria will host Hungary in its penultimate match of the qualifiers for Euro 2024 in Germany at the “Hristo Botev” stadium in Plovdiv behind closed doors.

This decision comes against the background of a mass protest against the leadership of the BFS organized by the fans of the biggest teams in Bulgaria.

Here is what they wrote from our headquarters:

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“The European football headquarters sent an official letter to the Bulgarian Football Union, recommending that the qualification for Euro 2024 between Bulgaria and Hungary, scheduled for November 16, be moved to the Hristo Botev stadium in Plovdiv.

The reason for this is the high risk assessment after analysis by UEFA’s security and safety department.

Due to signals of imminent mass riots and the serious danger to public order, the headquarters’ experts requested formal opinions from the Bulgarian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Metropolitan Directorate of Internal Affairs and the Bulgarian Football Union, and after additional communication with the Hungarian Football Federation, the decision was reached by the European qualification to be held on November 16, Thursday, from 19:00 at the “Hristo Botev” stadium in Plovdiv, behind closed doors. The earlier time of the match is in line with the travel schedule of the guests from Hungary, who will leave for their homeland immediately after the end of the match.”


The article is in bulgaria


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