Daniel Panov is mayor for the fourth term (renewed)

Daniel Panov is mayor for the fourth term (renewed)
Daniel Panov is mayor for the fourth term (renewed)

The new old mayor lost 8 thousand votes in 4 years

Daniel Panov entered the history of Veliko Tarnovo, winning the 4th consecutive mandate.

However, he will have to make a very serious assessment, since he lost nearly 8,000 votes from the previous elections, and voter turnout in the region was record low.

He won a fourth term with 50% of the popular vote. His opponent arch. Yordan Terziyski from PP-DB gathered 45.1 percent according to the latest samples (9 p.m.).

However, nearly 30 percent of the 68,051 eligible voters went to the polls.

Almost 50% of voters cast their ballots during the first round, but for the second round local people clearly lost interest. 4 years ago, Daniel Panov received over 19,000 votes, but now he has lost them drastically, which should be subjected to a serious analysis by his team. Off the record, people connected to the mayor’s staff complained of heavy hate on the day of reflection on social media from his opponents, as well as the fact that heavy rain and regular flooding in several parts of the city had unleashed popular discontent, and the result from him, in addition to the low activity, the percentages are also passive for the acting mayor.

Regardless of everything, however, Panov also set a record as the first mayor to rule the old capital for four consecutive terms. Until now, he held a championship of three in a row with his predecessor, Dr. Rumen Rashev, but he is now the sole leader.

Regardless of the runoff battle, however, there was only one complaint on election day, and it was filed with the Municipal Election Commission by PP GERB. It claims that the councilor from the opposition PP-DB coalition, Doncho Boradjiev, sent text messages to urge people to vote for Yordan Terziyski.

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