The re-elected mayor of Smolyan Nikolay Melemov: A difficult victory, but that’s why it’s so significant!


A difficult victory, but that’s why it’s so significant! Victory energizing, engaging and giving strength for new challenges! When the ballots are finally counted, we are ahead of the candidate of the “Our City” movement by 149 votes. Some will say: “They are few!” – yes, but quite enough. After this fierce attack by all opponents against everything achieved in 12 years, in which positives and inevitably – negatives have been accumulated.
The negative messages managed to turn people off and unfortunately for me resulted in a record low turnout for a local vote! It will be our common duty to restore positivity and hope to our fellow citizens.
As before, I will be the mayor of all Smolensk residents!

Thank you to everyone who voted for creation, for stability in finances, for stability in decisions and views, for predictability in commitments.
Thank you to everyone who did not fall for the fake and false promises of miracles, because miracles only happen in fairy tales, but in real life the rules are different!
Thank you for distinguishing, with your usual Rhodope pragmatism, innate and acquired intelligence, the difference between fantasy and reality, between suggestions and truth, between promises of miracles and real commitments.

I also respect those who took part in the vote, but chose other candidates. We are obliged to work with even more energy to respond to your trust in us!
So I will be completely frank – we need you, your advice and guidance, your constructive criticism and feedback. Together we will face all the challenges in the next 4 years. I am sure that if we are together – we will succeed!
Thank you to the entire team who have been by my side throughout this campaign, for their tireless work and dedication!
Once again – THANK YOU everyone for your support!

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