Free glycated hemoglobin tests for people at risk of diabetes in Varna

Free glycated hemoglobin tests for people at risk of diabetes in Varna
Free glycated hemoglobin tests for people at risk of diabetes in Varna


15:00 | November 6, 2023

Updated: 15:01 | November 6, 2023

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Slav Velev

Varna is participating in the National campaign “Don’t wait for diabetes, get tested today!” dedicated to World Diabetes Day, which is celebrated on November 14. Free glycated hemoglobin tests will be held in the city for people at risk of type 2 diabetes. The partners of the campaign here are Sana Medic Medical Center, Associate Professor Mira Siderova and Dr. Savi Shishkov. The first date is this Saturday – November 11th, all day.

The study of glycated hemoglobin is more informative and accurate for making a diagnosis of “diabetes” than the incidental measurement of blood sugar, because it gives information about blood sugar levels 2-3 months ago. It is not performed on an empty stomach, which is an additional plus for the patient. A drop of blood from the finger is used for the test. It takes a few minutes and the result is visible immediately.

The campaign is aimed at those who do not have diabetes but are at risk of developing it. In most cases, diabetes can be prevented without resorting to medication or insulin injections. It is therefore important that people at risk are screened and counseled before the disease enters their lives.

All over 18 years of age who fall into the risk group will be enrolled for examination: people with diabetes in the family, overweight, obesity in the waist and abdomen, high blood pressure, suffered a vascular accident – stroke or heart attack, with symptoms observed in diabetes – constant hunger, thirst, frequent urination, sudden weight loss, or excessive weight gain. If you have relatives with diabetes or any of the described factors – don’t wait, make an appointment!

Enrollment is online only at From November 13, a hotline will also be included – 070010126 (at the price of a local call, according to the tariff plan for mobile networks), which will give information to patients on how to register and how to prepare for the examination.

The campaign is organized by the Institute for Health Education, the Center for the Prevention of Diabetes in the capital and 11 other medical facilities in the country. 25 medical specialists participate in it. Many of them are young doctors, so if you don’t have a trusted endocrinologist, you can join the campaign and choose one.

The disease has acquired the character of an epidemic – according to the Health Insurance Fund, for the past year alone, 366,000 people in Bulgaria sought the help of their personal physician due to suspected diabetes. 34,000 of them are from Varna. It is to these people and their relatives that the opportunity for free research is aimed.

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