An educational game about climate change will be held in Vidin

An educational game about climate change will be held in Vidin
An educational game about climate change will be held in Vidin

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Workshop in the form of educational gamenamed “Climatic Fresco” is organizedthis Saturday, November 11, in Seen. It’s a board game with 42 cards, each representing a climate change factor. Thanks to it, the participants go through a fascinating process that helps them discover the connection between the causes and consequences related to climate change and look for possible solutions to get out of the crisis.

In just four years, the game “Climate Fresco” has been translated into approx 35 languages and is now run by volunteers in more than 50 countries. For several months now, the educational board game has been in Bulgaria as well, on the idea of ​​Toma Zaimov and thanks to the company Wind of Change. The goal is to present scientific knowledge to more people in an interesting and entertaining way.

The duration of the game is three hours, and the main goal of the “Climatic Fresco” is to train 2 million people worldwide, which in April this year became a fact, and for Bulgaria the set number is 10 thousand people. Only with the project with which they are coming to us in Vidin, 51 events are planned all over the country, and the participants they need to reach are 1,400.

“Climate fresco” has been held since 2018. The organizers set another goal – to prepare 1 million trainers whose task is to find participants for the game, he told Radio Vidin Vihren Mitev, climate pact ambassador to the European Commission and founder of the foundation ManEco:

“The game consists of four main parts, and in each of the parts the participants have a different opportunity to show their knowledge on the topic of climate change. In the first part, a game is played with cards that explain the relationship between human activities and changes in different spheres of nature and then all the consequences for humanity, in general, which are the final result of human activity. These are: climate refugees, health problems, floods, decline in agricultural yields. In the second part of the workshop, a presentation is made that explains in depth already what the participants have understood. When the card game is played, there is a facilitator to each group of 7-8 people. His role is not to explain or lecture and give a lesson to the participants, but rather to guide them towards the cards and the information embedded in them.”

The participants are interested in the board game, he pointed out Vihren Mitev:

“Here we are completely grateful to the creators of the game, because it is thought out in every single aspect of it. It can meet the needs of absolutely every participant. We have not had a case where a participant left disappointed, even if they were starting to play the game prejudiced and skeptical, only after the first few clarifications and conditions through which the cards are arranged, they are dealt five times, each time the conditions of the game are changed and immediately the interest of the participants is riveted to the game and three hours pass imperceptibly, no need rest.”

The “climatic fresco” comes to Vidin with the support of the event platform “Stetika” and is suitable for young and old, with free entry. Entries take place on this one link. The date is November 11the place – The conference hall of the Regional Administration – Vidin. The start of the game is in 10:30 hours and continues until 1:30 p.m.

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