The Center for Virtual and Augmented Reality in Burgas is open again

The Center for Virtual and Augmented Reality in Burgas is open again
The Center for Virtual and Augmented Reality in Burgas is open again

The Virtual and Augmented Reality Demonstration and Training Center – Virteon Burgas, opens its doors again to visitors of all ages. The days for visiting the Center, which is located on the 3rd floor /office 9/ in the Congress Center next to the Maritime Station, are every Tuesday and Thursday from 09.00 to 16.00. Those who wish to visit it, only need to request this on the phone number: 0895 792 955 or on the e-mail: [email protected].

The center also has its own Facebook page “Digital Burgas”, where you can find more news and a lot of useful and interesting information both about it and about the opportunities and innovations related to education in digital technologies and programming for children and youth from Burgas:

Since the beginning of this year, the center has been visited by over 20 groups of students from the city of Burgas and the region. More than 20 teachers have signed up for training, and more than 100 school and university teachers have successfully completed the training for 2023.

The training center for virtual and augmented reality was created by the Municipality of Burgas and University “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov”, with the active support of the American corporation “EON Reality” and CPLR Burgas.

Virteon Burgas has state-of-the-art virtual and augmented reality technology, offering 3D object demonstrations and 360-degree panoramas. Through it, visitors can “go” on a virtual walk in prehistoric times, “dive” into the depths of the seabed, fly by plane or take part in an exciting “expedition” in the Amazon jungle. 3D lessons, in turn, can serve students and students in their lessons in biology, chemistry, physics, nature and society, etc.

The initiative aims to inspire Burgas schoolchildren and students, as well as their teachers, to use innovative technologies in the field of education.

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