Andrey Arnaudov on the horror of the turbulence in a plane over Sofia: The scariest thing was the screams of the people


Austrian Airlines plane failed to land at Sofia Airport last night due to strong wind. Passengers say they experienced real terror in the sky. Among them was the producer Andrey Arnaudov.

“The scariest was the moment when you hear the screams of the people around you. This is something that has never happened to me,” Arnaudov shared in “This Morning”.

According to him, it was initially about stronger turbulenceas most people who have flown an airplane have experienced.

“The third time the plane came in, you could see that things were out of control – there were serious descents, and then a sharp climb up. We all sensed that something terrible was happening. They say that there were dramatic situations in which something fatal could have happened,” the producer added.


Eventually the plane landed in Bucharest and from there the passengers traveled overland to Sofia. Arnaudov specified that many of them were reluctant to fly again after the shock experienced.

“I congratulate the crew who handled the situation. Such things happen, no one is to blame, obviously there was a very strong wind,” Andrey Arnaudov also said.

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