Lokomotiv (Sofia) congratulated itself with the three points in Vratsa


The team of Lokomotiv (Sofia) achieved an important success with 2:0 over Botev (Vratsa) in a match of the 16th round of the efbet League. Gonzalo Cardoso (30) and Antoni Ivanov (60) scored for the guests.

The game started at a rather slow pace, with the first interesting situation coming in the 5th minute when Brian Perea went down in the penalty area after a collision with the visitors’ goalkeeper, but the Colombian was caught in an ambush and no penalty was awarded.

In the 21st minute, Martin Hristov headed in a cross from a corner, but the ball bounced off the crossbar. A little later, Momchil Tsvetanov tried a shot from a direct free kick, but the ball flew high over the goal.

In the 27th minute, Vrachani were close to opening the score for the second time, but luck was with the people of Sofia again. Stefan Velev had the opportunity to shoot from close range, the ball bounced off the leg of Gonzalo Cardoso and flew into the post.

Three minutes later, the players of Lokomotiv were surprisingly the first to score. The goal was scored by Gonzalo Cardoso, who masterfully headed Federico Rubio.

The home team tried to respond in a flash with a shot from distance by Mario Kikonda, but Aleksandar Ljubenov managed to do it with difficulty.

In the 58th minute, Daniel Genov sent a pass into the penalty area, but Brian Perea could not find his way and the ball went out.

In the 60th minute, Bruno Franco raced past Luis Soares and crossed on the ground to Antoni Ivanov, who easily put the ball into Federico Rubio’s net.

Until the end of the meeting, the hosts from Vratsa tried to reach at least an honorable goal, but the defense of Lokomotiv managed it and Danilo Doncic’s team deservedly congratulated themselves on the success.

In this way, the people of Sofia collected an asset of 17 points, while the team from Botev has only 10 points.


0:1 Gonzalo Cardoso (30)
0:2 Antoni Ivanov (60)

Starting lineups:

Botev (Vratsa): 34. Federico Rubio, 23. Brian Mendoza, 4. Luis Soares, 20. Martin Hristov, 7. Momchil Tsvetanov, 77. Stefan Velev, 37. Mario Kikonda, 10. Spas Georgiev, 14. Marco Mazuga, 21. Bubacar Traore, 19. Brian Perea

Lokomotiv Sofia): 24. Alexander Lyubenov, 4. Dime Dimov, 2. Gonzalo Cardoso, 22. Ivaylo Naydenov, 12. Bruno Franko, 26. Krasimir Miloshev, 31. Krasimir Stanoev, 21. Antoni Ivanov, 10. Valentin Nikolov, 45. Dimitar Mitkov, 11. Carlos France

STADIUM: “Hristo Botev”, Vratsa
JUDGE: Volen Chinkov

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