The museum in Vidin returned valuable models

The museum in Vidin returned valuable models
The museum in Vidin returned valuable models

The model of the Telegraph Gate after restoration will be presented in an exhibition.

Photo: Radio Vidin

The Regional History Museum in Seen (ROME – Vidin) received again the models of the “Baba Vida” fortress and the Telegraph Gate, provided in 2012 to the “Sozopol” Foundation for an exhibition in the National Palace of Culture. The museum has to prove their ownership tomorrow in order to be able to get them back, he said the director of RIM – Vidin Hristina Kirilova.

“All the other colleagues managed to get their models. Ours were still there and I am very glad that at least this saga ended well for the museum, thanks to the joint efforts of the colleagues who got involved very actively, even searching for documents in the scientific archive, if only to find something to prove that the Regional History Museum – Vidin is the owner of the models. I hope that now, after a light restoration, they will beautify the museum objects again and the people of Vidin, as well as all the guests of Vidin will be able to enjoy them because they are really very good reconstructions. was very high for the time.”

The model of “Baba Vida” is the work of the artist Ivan Radev. It was made in 1978 and can now be seen in the Konaka Museum.

“The model of “Baba Vida” is already located upstairs in the place that has been empty for so many years, since the model was not there. This other one at Telegraf capia, the idea of ​​our colleagues is to place it in a room that will stand out in the “Baba Vida” fortress, which should be dedicated to this period of our history and the gates themselves can be seen together with the other models – the complete fortress system “Kaleto” and Stambol gate.”

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