Nina Petkova was sworn in as mayor of Georgi Damyanovo

Nina Petkova was sworn in as mayor of Georgi Damyanovo
Nina Petkova was sworn in as mayor of Georgi Damyanovo


Photo: Lubo Andreev

The newly elected mayor of a municipality Georgi Damyanovo Nina Petkovacouncilors and the mayors of the villages, took an oath before the regional governor of Montana Ivaylo Antonov.

“Let me first congratulate Mrs. Petkova, who has been elected mayor of the municipality of Georgi Damyanovo, as well as all the newly elected municipal councilors and mayors of town halls,” said the regional governor.

Father Stoyan from the Lopushan monastery celebrated a solemn holy liturgy and wished success to the new administration of the municipality. The 11 municipal councilors received their certificates. Eight of them are from GERB and three from “Together for a Strong Municipality”. The most experienced municipal councilor Milyana Kamenova opened the first session of the local parliament:

“Dear residents of the municipality of Georgi Damyanovo, the fact that this hall is full of people today shows that your interest in the local government is increasing. This is extremely important, because when the local government and the population work together, things go well.”

Dr. Miroslav Panev was elected for a new term as chairman of the Municipal Council in Georgi Damyanovo. He addressed those present Nina Petkovamayor second term:

“There are four years left in front of us, in which we have to prove to the people, to justify their trust and in the next four years to give our best for the residents and for the settlements on the territory of our municipality.”

People’s representative from GERB Irena Dimova was also present at the solemn session.

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