The cultural institutes in Dobrich – the real business cards of the city (VIDEO)

The cultural institutes in Dobrich – the real business cards of the city (VIDEO)
The cultural institutes in Dobrich – the real business cards of the city (VIDEO)
Through a series of videos, the Municipality of Dobrich makes a kind of report on what was done during the past mandate.
The second of the series of videos is dedicated to cultural institutes in the city. These are the creators and artists who work hard to beautify the holidays of our city. They are the real business cards of Dobrich, says the mayor Yordan Yordanov.

The director of the art gallery Nedko Nedkov says that over the years they have been working with the Municipality very well and with ease. We are grateful for the financial support, especially for the plein air exhibition “The Paper”, and in this way we were able to restore a tradition from the 90s of the last century, Nedkov points out.

It can be said that the conditions have been good since we have been here at the former school “Father Paisiy”, says the conductor of the Dobrich Wind Orchestra Stoyan Monov. The orchestra has over 100 performances a year, which, according to Monov, shows that the work with the mayor’s team is good. He only hopes for better pay to encourage more young musicians to join the orchestra.

Choir “Dobrudzhanski sounds” has always been proud of the fact that the municipality takes care of it. Conductor Elvira Pastermadzhieva noted that recently the choir has been housed in an entirely municipal building, after the issue of co-ownership of the property was settled. This helped to repair the building.

Over the past 4 years we have worked very well with the mayoral team. We worked on the artistic value of the ensemble, we also worked on the new look. We did costumes for the whole ensemble, something that wasn’t legal a long time ago. This was stated by the chief artistic director of the Professional Folklore Ensemble “Dobrudzha” Stoyan Gospodinov. He also emphasized the many funds invested in the renovation of the ensemble’s base, which has contributed to better conditions for rehearsals.


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