Plamen Petkov started his third term in Chiprovtsi

Plamen Petkov started his third term in Chiprovtsi
Plamen Petkov started his third term in Chiprovtsi


Photo: Lubo Andreev

Plamen Petkovthe municipal councilors and the mayors in Chiprovtsi municipality took an oath. Petkov won the elections in the mountain municipality in the first round with the highest result in Montana region of 74.03%.

“I want to congratulate everyone who supported me and my team, congratulate and thank those who did not vote for us – they will keep us in shape. I am very worried because I know what awaits us. It has been eight years and a second difficult mandate – with covid, with governments in one month, but we did not give in. That’s why we promise you from the first day, from tomorrow, to get off to a flying start,” Plamen Petkov pointed out.

There are a total of 11 municipal councilors in Chiprovtsi – 8 of them are from GERB, two from Vazrazhdane and one from VMRO. He will be the chairman of the Municipal Council for the third time Tsetska Zamfirova:

“I also want to thank the municipal councilors who supported me and those who did not and wish them fruitful work in a quiet and peaceful environment – that’s when the best things are born.”

The people’s representative from GERB addressed the people of Chiprov Irena Dimova:

“To work together for the municipality of Chiprovtsi, the municipality in which I also live, to ensure that it continues to develop.”

Tomorrow, from 2:00 p.m., in the Youth House, the newly elected mayor of Montana Zlatko Zhivkov, municipal councilors and mayors of settlements will take the oath for the seventh term.

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