They closed the sailing season with the “Briz Esen” regatta in Varna


They closed the sailing season with the “Briz Esen” regatta in Varna

Date: 06/11, 13:34

Photos: SC “Black Sea-Briz”

From November 2 to 5, the last regatta for the 2023 season – “Briz Esen” – was held in the waters of Lake Varna. A total of 106 competitors from 15 clubs from Balchik, Varna, Nesebar, Pomorie, Primorsko, Burgas and Sofia took part in the competition.

Between four and seven races were held on each of the three race days in the Optimist, ILCA 4, ILCA 6, ILCA 7, FINN and 420 classes. The weather conditions were extremely dynamic and the competitors went through various tests of their spirit and will – from sunny weather, light winds and high temperatures to cold, strong winds gusting over 35+ knots and rain caused by a brief storm in the second race day.

After the end of the competition, the prize winners in the individual classes and age groups were awarded at the official solemn ceremony. The regatta is organized by SC “Black Sea-Briz”, with the assistance of the “Directorate of Sport” of the Municipality of Varna and in partnership with Rem Management Ltd.

Here is the ranking in the individual classes and age groups:

“Optimist” (63 participants):

General classification (63 participants):

1. Borislav Nikolov (JAC “Capt. G. Georgiev-Port Varna”)

2. Shterion Dailov (OMSK “Zyklon”)

3. Ivan Karchev (JAC “Port Burgas”)

Junior boys (33 participants):

1. Shterion Dailov (OMSK “Zyklon”)

2. Ivan Karchev (JAC “Port Burgas”)

3. David Mitev (SC “Black Sea-Briz”)

Senior boys (eight participants):

1. Borislav Nikolov (JAC “Capt. G. Georgiev-Port Varna”)

2. Dimitar Bozovaiski (OVK “Nessebar 2000”)

3. Atanas Zlatev (JAC “Pomorie”)

Junior girls (12 participants):

1. Nikol Burgazlieva (OMSK “Ziklon”)

2. Karolina Tsenova (JAC “Capt. G. Georgiev-Port Varna”)

3. Victoria Bineva (JAC “Port Burgas”)

Senior girls (10 participants):

1. Boyana Kosturkova (JAC “Capt. G. Georgiev-Port Varna”)

2. Raya Koseva (SC “Black Sea-Briz”)

3. Reya Parusheva (OMSK “Cyklon”)

Class “ILCA 4”

General ranking (17 participants):

1. Viktor Stanoev (JAC “St. Nikolay”)

2. Bozhidara Bozovaiska (OVK “Nesebar 2000”)

3. Martin Mitev (OVK “Nessebar 2000”)

Boys under 16 (six participants):

1. Hristo Kalchev (JAC “Capt. G. Georgiev-Port Varna”)

2. Georgi Petrov (Csyak “Akademik”)

3. Nikolay Petkov (SC “Black Sea-Briz”)

Boys under 18 (five participants):

1. Viktor Stanoev (JAC “St. Nikolay”)

2. Martin Mitev (OVK “Nessebar 2000”)

3. Vladimir Obreshkov (SC “Black Sea-Briz”)

Girls up to 16 years (two participants):

1. Tsveta Kircheva (JAC “Capt. G. Georgiev-Port Varna”)

2. Elena Gocheva (VK “Sineva”)

Girls up to 18 years (four participants):

1. Bozhidara Bozovaiska (OVK “Nesebar 2000”)

2. Adriana Petkova (SC “Black Sea-Briz”)

3. Kemala Parusheva (OMSK “Cyklon”)

Class “ILCA 6”

General classification (eight participants):

1. Diana Markova (OVK “Nessebar 2000”)

2. Radoslav Gavrailov (JAC “Capt. G. Georgiev-Port Varna”)

3. Vladimir Stoyanov (JAC “Capt. G. Georgiev-Port Varna”)

Class “ILCA 7”

General classification (four participants):

1. Mihail Belberov (JAC “Capt. G. Georgiev-Port Varna”)

2. Martin Penev (MK Balchik)

3. Saveliy Ivakin (SC “Black Sea-Briz”)

Class “FINN”

General ranking (8 participants):

1. Mihail Kopanov (JAC “Port Burgas”)

2. Zlatko Atanasov (OVK “Nessebar 2000”)

3. Georgi Yordanov (OMK “Primorsko”)

Class “420”

General classification (3 crews):

1. Borislav Todorov/Ognyan Velikov (MK “Balchik”)

2. Stefan Mikaelyan/Yordan Iliev (SC “Black Sea-Briz”)

3. Gergana Nikolova/Alexander Hristov (JAC “Capt. G. Georgiev-Port Varna”)

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