Second round: The delivery of election papers in Sofia ended at 4 p.m.


At 4:00 a.m., the delivery of election papers in the “Arena Sofia” hall from 1,639 sections in Sofia for the second round of the local elections was completed. The first sectional election commissions (SEC) began to submit their protocols to the Municipal Election Commission at 9 p.m.

“Mistakes are common – because machine problemswhich were challenged today – with ballots that were empty or sections that were only with the type of choice”, the chairperson of OIC-Sofia Polina Vitanova told bTV.

The acceptance of election papers ended much faster than after the first round – on October 29.

“Then the process was delayed because of the long protocol with municipal councilors. Now we were only electing the mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality and mayors of 22 regions and 7 town halls. These are much fewer numbers,” Vitanova explained.

Unexpectedly, in order to monitor how the reading of the minutes was going, the mayor of the “Sredets” district Traicho Traikov (elected in the first round) and candidate district mayors came to the place. However, only the candidates were allowed in the hall, because only they have the right to attend.


And this time did not pass without incidents – one of the members of the SIC had an epileptic seizure. He was given medical attention.

Diana Teodosieva, Gabriela Keremedchiyska and Maria Aladjova worked on the material.

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