Four mayors in the Montana region have majorities in the municipal councils:

Four mayors in the Montana region have majorities in the municipal councils:
Four mayors in the Montana region have majorities in the municipal councils:

The mayor of Montana Zlatko Zhivkov, of Georgi Damyanovo Nina Petkova, of Chiprovtsi Plamen Petkov and of Brusartsi Natasha Mihailova will work in relative comfort during their next mandate. They are the only ones with majorities in the municipal councils. The rest will struggle with motley local parliaments.

In Montana, Zivkov’s local coalition, which includes SDS, GERB, BND, VMRO – BND and ZNS, has 19 out of 33 councilors. In Georgi Damyanovo, GERB, whose candidate was Petkova, won 8 of the 11 mandates. With 8 out of 11 councilors, GERB is also in Chiprovtsi, and in Brusartsi the party has 7 out of 11 mandates.

In the 11 municipal councils in the region, the total number of councilors is 165.

GERB won 60 seats, but if the mandates of Zhivkov’s local coalition, in which GERB is the largest party, are added to them, their councilors become 79.

With 32 councilors in the 11 municipalities are the coalitions that include DPS and NDSV. They have the most mandates in Lom – 7, and in Montana – 5.

PP-DB have 13 mandates in the 11 municipalities. The coalition has the most councilors in Varshets – five. The municipal councils in Boychinovtsi, Brusartsi, Medkovets, Chiprovtsi and Georgi Damyanovo are without representatives of Change.

BSP has only 10 councilors in the entire district. In 7 municipalities – Berkovitsa, Boychinovtsi, Brusartsi, Valchedrum, Varshets, Chiprovtsi and Georgi Damyanovo, the socialists did not win a single mandate.

“Vazrazhdane” is without councilors in the small parliaments of Boychinovtsi, Brusartsi, Valchedrum, Varshets, Medkovets, Yakimovo and Georgi Damyanovo. In the other municipalities, the party has a total of 9 councilor mandates. The most – four, are in Montana.

BZNS has municipal councilors in Montana, Berkovitsa, Valchedrum. Their total number is 5.

The Left has only two municipal councilors in the entire Montana region. They are in Medkovets.

The “Together for a Strong Municipality” coalition has 6 mandates in Boychinovtsi. Svetlin Sreteniev, who won the mayor’s seat, was its candidate.

There are three councilors of the coalition in Georgi Damyanovo. Dilyan Dimitrov was the candidate of “Together for a Strong Municipality” for mayor there, but he is not a member of the municipal council.

The Bulgarian New Democracy party has two councilors in Yakimovo, and Alternative for Citizens has one in Berkovitsa.

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