Tanya Hristova won the fourth mayoral mandate in Gabrovo


A spectacular accident, fortunately without human casualties, happened yesterday in the late afternoon near Gabrovo.

There, a young driver fell asleep behind the wheel of the Peugeot he was driving and overturned on the roof of the roadway.

The accident happened in the village of “Zhaltesh”, near Gabrovo. The young man was moving in the direction of the regional town.

Due to accumulated fatigue, fell asleep for a short time. The vehicle he was driving continued on its way, mounted the guardrail, struck a house and overturned on the roof, blocking the road.

The accident forced traffic on the road between Gabrovo and Tryavna to be suspended until the car was towed from the scene of the accident.

According to the police, no one was injured in the traffic accident.

Another accident occurred this morning on the Gabrovo ring road, a media reader reported to “Gabrovo News”. There, an elderly driver, driving a Volkswagen car, lost concentration and crashed into the roadside guardrail.

No one was injured in the incident.

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