Alexander Sabanov: Silistra needs a change

Alexander Sabanov: Silistra needs a change
Alexander Sabanov: Silistra needs a change

Alexander Sabanov

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GERB lost the elections in the regional center of Silistra. The new mayor there is named Alexander Sabanov. For the third time, he appeared in local elections in the period from 2011 to the present. The first two times he lost in the second round to the previous mayor of Silistra, Dr. Yulian Naydenov (GERB). This time, Sabanov succeeded against GERB People’s Representative Ivelin Statev. As his victory is with a 15% lead.

Alexander Sabanov appeared as an independent candidate, nominated by an Initiative Committee with almost 3,000 signatures and the support of the local coalition “Citizens’ Alternative”, a part of which are ITN, VMRO, “Bulgarski Vozhod”, NDSV, “Novoto Vreme” and “Conservative Bulgaria “. Already in the first round, he received support from both “Levitsa!” and BSP, which has its own municipal lists for councilors, but they did not have candidates for mayor. PP-DB and the candidate for mayor of Silistra from “Vazrazhdane” Petko Dobrev also stood behind him for the runoff.

Alexander Sabanov was born on October 10, 1975 in Silistra. He loves his hometown and wants to work for its prosperity. Until now, he is engaged in private business.

He graduated from UNSS-Sofia with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and management, and then from the University of Economics – Varna – a master’s degree in corporate marketing.

He speaks Russian and English. Father of three children. He was the chairman of the Municipal Council in Silistra for one term. Member of Parliament in the 44th National Assembly.

His main motto during the election campaign was that Silistra needs change.

The official inauguration ceremony of the new mayor and the new Municipal Council will be on November 10.

A report by Nezabravka Kirova in the program “12+3” can be heard from the sound file.

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