Did Zingarevich build a personal guard for punitive actions and fear mongering?


Did the owner of Botev Plovdiv, Anton Zingarevich, create a Russian-style personal guard to “deal” with “unruly” fans and dissident club employees?

Like TrafficNews wrote before the derby with Lokomotiv, two of the faction leaders of the Bullets were summoned for talks at the College, and then they were beaten and threatened. The reason for the physical aggression was to prevent the club’s audience from turning against the owner Anton Zingarevich and the Russian management.

“Educational” fight for two Tartars of “Botev” factions before the derbyThe “instructors” introduced themselves as “people from the services”

The men who were fans posed as security and police officers. They even brandished business cards and badges before the physical altercation. The punitive brigade said they represented the club’s owner, forcing the fan leaders not to stir up trouble in the campaign, but to speak only positive things about the owners. After the match, they were even reassured that “there is a lot of money in the club, so that there will be something for everyone”.

Zingarevich’s personal guard, who perceive themselves to be of the “Wagner” type, is made up of people who are not from Plovdiv. She, in addition to aiming to control the passions among the fans, also went on a march against the dissidents in the club. TrafficNews learned that some of the mercenaries intimidated coaches from the Botev children’s and youth school.

There, the tension is also growing, because in the club it is secondary, with the owners relying above all on foreigners, who are represented by Zingarevich’s management agency. This is also one of the big pains of the fans, who are seeing less and less local boys in the first team at the expense of primarily African players.

Where does Zingarevich’s criminal army come from and who are they?

Recently, “Botev” has a new head of security – Darin Georgiev, who is a former mercenary soldier who participated in several private missions abroad. The club also has a lawyer who handles the club’s legal cases in the person of former interior minister Ivan Demerdzhiev. The security of the derby was provided by the security company “Security SKS”. The company is from Sofia, the manager is Stoyan Popov, and the owners are Diana Dimova and Seryozha Savov.

At the same time, one of the torturers of the criminal brigade is a man they call “Valyo”. He presents himself everywhere in a different way. In front of fans he says he is from DANS, in other meetings he is from military counterintelligence, and to some he introduces himself as the owner of the new security company. Valyo in question boasted of contacts at the “presidency” level and even demonstratively called the head of the SPS sector Krasimir Antonov.

Another active participant in the criminal brigade was Galin Kolev, an employee of the First Police Station. He participated in respecting the Tartars, and at the derby itself, he was spotted in Zingarevich’s box, according to eyewitnesses, accompanying him along with the team that guards him.

Former and current military personnel are also part of the group.

Vallio, Darin and “company” participated in the “shares”. Police officer Kolev also got involved, showing his service card and explaining to the victims that he has the information about their families, where they live, as well as their files and those of their relatives. It has also demonstrated that it has not only the official registered addresses of the victims, but also addresses where they reside without being registered. In practice, this means that a series of illegal actions were carried out, such as downloading information from the BDS – the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as possibly illegal tracking. this can easily be ascertained by whom, as every login to the system in question is logged.

Everything described obviously happened with the knowledge of the owners, since one of Zingarevych’s close associates, Alexander Oslan, organized meetings with the Tartors, which he did not personally attend. Oslan introduces himself as a partner of the owner of the club and points out that his father-in-law is a former senior official of State Security and close to the leadership of DANS.

So far, the police have not contacted TrafficNews in connection with the first publication, although it was reported there that the media had additional information on the case.

TrafficNews will continue to monitor the situation at the football club.

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