The photo on November 6, 2023

The photo on November 6, 2023
The photo on November 6, 2023

The mayors of five of the municipalities in the Vidin region were elected in a runoff. In the municipality of Vidin, with 100% processed protocols of sectional election commissions, the results show 57.28% for the previous mayor Tsvetan Tsenkov. For his opponent Alexander Mateev 39.92% voted. 2.79% or 458 people indicated in the ballot “I do not support anyone”. In addition to Vidin, in the second round for mayor of a municipality they voted in Belogradchik, Kula, Novo Selo and Chuprene.

In the municipality of Vidin, in addition to the mayor of the municipality, there were also elections for the mayors of three settlements. He won the election for the mayor of the village of Gomotortsi Zhelyazko Stankova Kalin Pantov wins in the village of Slanoturn. In Bukovets, the previous mayor Vencislav Kirilov from GERB wins another mandate.

The second round of local elections was held in the municipality of Vratsa. Minko Georgiev from GERB won the runoff in Tishevitsa, a Nanko Todorovnominated by the same party, was re-elected head of Virovsko. The most dramatic was the struggle in Lilyache, where Rosen Petkov took the lead after the ballots were recounted. The elections in Liljace will be remembered for the “relocation” of over 140 people in the months before the local vote.

A second round for mayor was held in three municipalities in the Montana region. Medkovets will be managed by Veromir Spasov won by 50 votes over the previous mayor Vencislav Evgeniev. In the last 32 years, Evgeniev was at the head of the Medkovets municipality and held the record with 8 mandates. The municipality of Berkovitsa also has a new mayor, and that’s it Radoslav Naydenov. In Boychinovtsi Svetlin Sreteniev fourth term begins.

Boyan Minkov, the previous chairman of the Municipal Council in Belogradchik, won the election for mayor in the runoff. His candidacy was nominated by the local coalition “BSP for Bulgaria”, which also includes the National Socialist Party, “Novo Vme”, DPS, “Bulgarski Vozhod” and “Dvizhenie Gergyovden”. Boyan Minkov outlined the priorities for the municipality for the next four years.

Maria Todorova is the newly elected mayor of Chuprene municipality. Todorova, who until now was the deputy mayor of Chuprene, promised that from the first working day she would start with the implementation of her management program.

The newly elected mayor of Georgi Damyanovo municipality, Nina Petkova, councilors and the mayors of the villages, took the oath before the regional governor of Montana Ivaylo Antonov.

Plamen Petkov, the municipal councilors and the mayors in the municipality of Chiprovtsi took the oath. Petkov won the elections in the mountain municipality in the first round with the highest result in Montana region of 74.03%.

The regional governor of Vratsa, Nadia Donkinska, convenes the first meetings of the newly elected municipal councils. This is done under the Local Self-Government and Local Administration Act, the governor’s office said.

The “Baba Vida” fortress in Vidin will be open for visits again from tomorrow, November 7.

The regional history museum in Vidin received again the models of the fortress “Baba Vida” and the Telegraph Gate, provided in 2012 to the “Sozopol” foundation for an exhibition in the National Palace of Culture. The museum has to prove their ownership tomorrow in order to be able to get them back, said the director of RIM – Vidin Christina Kirilova.

The results of the runoff election for the election of the mayor of a town hall in three villages of the municipality of Lom are clear. Krum Zamfirov wins in the village of Kovacitsa. In Dolno Linevo Rosen Yosifov wins the runoff. He wins in Stanevo Milen Milchev with 57.24%.

The villages of Gorna Kremena, Eliseina and Lyutibrod in the municipality of Mezdra have new mayors after the November 5 runoff. Tsvetomir Draganovski is the new mayor of Gorna Kremena. Eliseina also has a new mayor and that’s it Stefka Petkova. Nikolay Hristov will govern for the next four years Lutibrod.

Free cardiology examinations have started in the villages of Berkovitsa municipality under the project “Care at Home”, assigned to the Center for Public Support in the city. Visits with the mobile cardiology office at the hospital in Berkovitsa are according to a certain schedule.

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