Six parties with a common claim in court for cashing in the municipal council elections in Haskovo

Six parties with a common claim in court for cashing in the municipal council elections in Haskovo
Six parties with a common claim in court for cashing in the municipal council elections in Haskovo

Six parties filed a complaint with the Administrative Court of Haskovo, requesting that the results of the first round of the local elections for municipal councilors be annulled.

The complaint was submitted by “We are coming” – with the registration under which the local initiative group “Save Haskovo” participated in the past elections, “Vazrazhdane”, Coalition “We continue the change-Democratic Bulgaria”, Coalition “BSP for Bulgaria”, Coalition “Bulgaria of the regions and VMRO.

The leader of the council list and already elected municipal councilor from “We are coming”/”Save Haskovo”/ Martin Raichev commented on the reasons for the complaint. “Our motives are gross violation of the electoral process in the first round and manipulation of the entire electoral process. Whole sections have been controlled, protocols have been manipulated, brutal violations can be seen on the video recordings of the election day. There are inconsistencies in the protocols that start from the sections and those that appear later in the OIC – Haskovo”. According to Marin Raichev, there are at least five sections for which there will certainly be interest from the police and the Prosecutor’s Office. According to him, if the irregularities mentioned in the complaint are proven, there is a possibility that the vote will be changed and it would lead to a rearrangement of the lists for municipal councilors, which is sufficient grounds for canceling the elections.

According to Rostislava Zhekova from VMRO, now is the time for the truth to become clear and to see what justice is.

Martin Raichev also commented on the information announced today by Delyan Dobrev about his report to the Chief Prosecutor for “instilling ethnic hatred” on social networks during the election campaign from personal profiles and a FB group, which are entirely sympathizers and supporters of “Save Haskovo”.

“Mr. Dobrev is trying in every way to manipulate the fact that yesterday Mr. Dechev was elected mayor of Haskovo with the total support of the DPS, but this cannot be hidden. As for the allegations of inciting xenophobia and ethnic hatred, we were all questioned in the prosecutor’s office today. My wife, who is not a party member, was also questioned. To send signals against women and children of political opponents is, for me, a manifestation of extremely low political culture,” said Marin Raichev. He explained that it was about the “Letter from Botev” clip, which his wife had uploaded to her personal FB profile. “This clip, which has been circulating freely on the Internet for months and was uploaded to the official page of a Non-Governmental Organization. I don’t see any problem with this clip. Anyone can watch it and judge for themselves whether there is inculcation of xenophobia and ethnic hatred in its content,” Raichev said. He indicated that he is still considering whether to file an appeal against the vote in the second round, but he is adamant that a defamation complaint will be filed against Delyan Dobrev.

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