Maria Gabriel: Among those kidnapped by “Hamas” there are two hostages of Bulgarian origin


“Efforts should be aimed at preventing a regional escalation, the international community should also seek a solution to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. It is important for us that we met with families of hostages. It became clear that there are two hostages of Bulgarian origin among those abducted by “Hamas”.

This was said by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Maria Gabriel after the return of the Bulgarian delegation from Israel.

“I would like to say that this is the information we can share. We continue to do everything necessary to get the hostages released. There is nothing more noble than saving a human life,” she added.


Gabriel specified that when there is more information that does not threaten the lives of the hostages, it will be announced.

“Solidarity, gratitude and coordination – that’s how I would describe the messages that Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov and I delivered to the State of Israel today. I am grateful for the warm welcome. We express our solidarity with Israel and condemn the terrorist attacks by Hamas and call for the immediate release of the hostages. Bulgaria was able to evacuate its short-term resident compatriots and 36 citizens and their family members were in the first group evacuated from the Gaza Strip,” she pointed out.

Already in mid-October, The Wall Street Journa reported that there is probably at least one Bulgarian citizen among the hostages of Hamas. The publication points out that Bulgaria is not on the list of countries whose citizens have disappeared, but its government strongly suspects that at least one citizen has been kidnapped.


Then Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov stated after a meeting of the Security Council that no confirmed information for a Bulgarian hostage in Gaza.


“We will not disclose more information about the hostages, as this may endanger their lives. We will not talk about this subject until there is permission from Israel,” Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov specified today after landing from Israel.


More than 240 people were kidnapped by the terrorist group “Hamas” from Israel after the attack on October 7. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is adamant that there will be no ceasefire until they are released.


“We say this about our enemies as well as our friends. We will continue until we defeat them,” he pointed out.


“The State of Israel and the Israeli people have our full support, we are with you.” This position was expressed by Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov during his meetings with the Prime Minister of the State of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and President Isaac Herzog during a one-day visit to Jerusalem.

“We understand your rights to defend the State of Israel and your people. You have every right to fight against the terrorists because what they have done is unimaginable. “Hamas” and its entire military and administrative structure must be eradicated, because otherwise there will be no lasting peace,” the prime minister added.

“Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister. You express to a great extent also our position that we are not only waging our war, but we are waging the battle of civilization against barbarism. If civilization fails, barbarism will succeed. This is what we see in the 21st century. This is not only our battle, but also your battle,” commented Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his meeting with the Bulgarian delegation.


During his visit to Jerusalem, the prime minister also met with relatives of kidnapped citizens in Gaza. “We will do everything we can to help. This is a nightmare, humanity is important. We have to stay together,” Denkov addressed them after their stories about what was happening.

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