Svetlin Tanchev expects Bulgaria to enter recession by the end of the year

Svetlin Tanchev expects Bulgaria to enter recession by the end of the year
Svetlin Tanchev expects Bulgaria to enter recession by the end of the year

The most important is the educational reform, the economist believes

“BGN 151 million is the cost of yesterday’s elections, according to CEC data. The entire amount for elections in the last two years is over BGN 600 million. For comparison, the entire budget of the Ministry of Social Affairs is about BGN 2 billion”. This was stated by the economist Svetlin Tanchev in the program “ReVision” on NOVA NEWS. He also highlighted the burden on the Ministry of Interior during the elections. “On the one hand, this costs money, on the other hand – the police cannot react to problems that appear then,” said the economist.

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He thinks it is good to stop the party subsidy. “I am a supporter of the Western ideology, rather – the American one, where there is clear lobbying legislation and it is clear what goals each politician pursues. In order to switch to this model, there must be a law on lobbying”, said Tanchev. The political system is suitable for our geographic latitudes, it will be more transparent to switch to 100% such an option, he explained.

Regarding economic trends, Tanchev expects that Bulgaria will go into recession by the end of the year. “It’s good that inflation is under control, but everything is shrinking. On world exchanges, fuels are becoming more expensive, countries are shrinking their gross domestic product. All central banks are convinced that they will not allow inflation to increase”, he explained.

Tanchev does not believe that Bulgaria will succeed in entering the Eurozone. “If we were in the Eurozone now, there would already be protests demanding that the government intervene and lower interest rates. The big problem in Bulgaria is that we didn’t reform education,” said the former deputy. According to him, going to a restaurant, going to the store is also a form of voting.

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Tanchev is adamant that the leading priority in Bulgaria should be the education system. If there is no mentality of what is right and what is wrong, there is no prosperity, he believes. “In the West, society itself looks at you strangely and you don’t dare to throw a cigarette on the street,” added Svetlin Tanchev.

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