The elections are over, the budget begins. But its consideration is questionable

The elections are over, the budget begins. But its consideration is questionable
The elections are over, the budget begins. But its consideration is questionable

Today, in an extraordinary meeting, the Council of Ministers adopted the package of tax laws, which will be sent to the Parliament this Thursday, so that it can be considered in the Committee on Budget and Finance.

This was announced by the Minister of Finance Asen Vassilev at a briefing in the Council of Ministers, quoted by BTA.

He recalled that the tax laws were published for public discussion at the end of September.

A number of organizations – both employers’ and branch’s – submitted proposals on what to change and how to change it, so that it fully corresponds to the goals that have been set, Vassilev explained. He recalled that proposals were received from the National Association of Municipalities.

“We have a fairly balanced package of tax laws”said the finance minister.

But he emphasized that the final assessment will be made by the National Assembly, which will vote on the final texts.

In connection with the dissatisfaction of the wild mushroom and truffle collectors, Minister Vasilev emphasized that a compromise text was reached with their participation, which, in his words, would shed light on the industry and allow the Treasury to fully collect its claims.

Asen Vassilev recalled that maintains the zero VAT rate for bread and flour until the middle of next year, as originally approved. Regarding the rate of 9% for restaurateurs, the final decision will be up to the parliamentit became known from the words of the minister.

Boyko Borisov from Plovdiv: I will insist on a conservative budget, this extravagance cannot continue

Vassilev explained that one of the proposals envisages that restaurateurs introduce post terminals in all establishments with two, three, four and five stars, and only the smallest ones to be released. Salaries must be paid in them by bank transfer. To have minimum staffing rateswhich are higher than the minimum wage for the lowest-paid jobs, which aims to lighten labor income.

If all this is passed, then the 9 per cent VAT rate could remain as a temporary measure, as the exchequer will raise more funds than through a tax increase. If not accepted, we maintain 20% VAT. There, the choice is up to the parliament – whether to accept lightening or 20%, Vassilev explained at today’s press conference.

He said that another change is planned for the establishments.

“Everyone who is under BGN 100,000 goes to patent tax. Their income from profit tax will go to the municipalities, which anyway control the number of tables and everything else. In this way, the municipalities will have an additional source of income.”Vassilev explained.

Borisov scares: At the moment, the assembly does not exist for me

As is known, GERB is against the return of the rate for restaurateurs to 20 percent. It is against the so-called bonus-donus, which Vassilev left in his project for tax laws, namely – that persons reporting financial violations should receive as a reward part of the amount that the state will collect.

The Minister of Finance has not given up on another controversial point – the equating of civil contracts with labor contracts.

Whether there will even be a budget review this week is also in question after GERB leader Boyko Borisov announced in the final days of the election campaign that his deputies may not be in the hall – he will gather the party to decide whether to continue participating in the “assembly”. Borisov was angry at PP-DB’s support for other candidates against GERB in the run-offs.

The review of the budget has already been postponed once – with the decision of the National Assembly not to sit for a whole month because of the campaign.

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