Kurdov: Kraev would still be around Pazardzhik if it weren’t for Levski

Kurdov: Kraev would still be around Pazardzhik if it weren’t for Levski
Kurdov: Kraev would still be around Pazardzhik if it weren’t for Levski

The former striker of Levski – Petar Kurdov – shared with “Mach Telegraf” his expectations for the upcoming meeting of the “blues” with CSKA 1948. Of course, he did not miss other hot topics surrounding “Gerena”.

“It’s normal to expect a victory for Levski in the meeting with CSKA 1948. At this stage, you can’t talk about anything other than the three points, because otherwise things will get very bad. And they’re getting worse every day. No I can accept that Levski depends on one person (br. Welton). One should not think like that.

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Levski can do without everyone. Another question is those who are standing on the bench, what are they doing there. Isn’t there something to fire them up to get moving and play properly. The team is not only 11 people. There are plenty of players on the bench who should, when given a chance, use it. And not to pay more attention to hairstyles and tattoos. The results will not be late.

As long as you are in Levski – I don’t know what else you need to motivate yourself. From match to match you have to play better and better. This is expected to be seen in late autumn. Coach Nikolay Kostov should have intervened more radically and taken a stand on this issue,” began Kurdov.

“This statement by Kostov, that there was early talk of a championship title, unfortunately turned out to be correct. As I look at it, things are arranged again in the old way. Ludogorets will attack the championship title again.

The Loko Pd team saw that they would not be able to. The same applies to the other runners-up. Things are arranged as in previous years. It can be seen that where there are quality football players, victories are recorded in almost all matches. I mean Ludogorets. Neither the Black Sea will last, nor Locomotive. Levski is not a team to be reckoned with.

As much as I hate to say it, things are starting to look that way. If they sell Welton or get permanently injured, what are we going to do?! This club remembers many such occasions, but each one who came in for another performed even stronger at times. As it should be, but now there is no one to step into Welton’s shoes! In the upcoming match, I don’t want to think about anything but victory. Everything else will be a total loss for Levski,” he continued.

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