The Hungarian federation came out with information contradicting the BFS


The Hungarian Football Federation published an official statement on its website on the case with all the changes surrounding the Euro 2024 qualifier match between Bulgaria and the Hungarians. According to the headquarters, the Bulgarian Football Union requested “that the match be played behind closed doors, which, together with the change of venue and time, was approved by UEFA”.

This information contradicts the position of the home organization, which explicitly emphasized that the measures taken were “on the recommendation of UEFA”. In addition, the Hungarian Federation will refund all ticket holders within a short period of time.

Here is the full message, unedited:

“For security reasons, the Bulgarian Football Union changed the venue and date of the qualifying match between Bulgaria and Hungary for the European Championship on November 16 and decided to ban fans from entering the stadium.

More than 2,000 Hungarian fans have bought tickets for the qualifying match between Bulgaria and Hungary. For security reasons, the Bulgarian Football Federation requested that the match be played behind closed doors, which together with the change of venue and time was approved by UEFA.

The UFF will refund all Hungarian ticket holders within a short period of time and will soon inform the affected fans about this process by e-mail.

The UFF also advises fans planning to travel to cancel all air and train tickets and accommodation bookings they have already purchased and request a refund, keeping all official documents carefully. The UFF has contacted the relevant airlines to ensure that this process takes place at an appropriate pace.

The UFF hereby informs you that the Bulgarian Football Association is responsible for the conduct of the match and the situation,” reads the position.

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