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Ukraine buys arms from France for 36 million euros

Ukraine buys arms from France for 36 million euros
Ukraine buys arms from France for 36 million euros

French company Cybergun has announced that its subsidiary Verney-Carron has received a large order for rifles and grenade launchers for Ukraine. The amount of the contract is 36 million euros, which is a record for the executor of the deal, UNIAN pointed out.

A framework agreement was concluded with Ukrspetsexport. They provide for the delivery of 10 thousand submachine guns, 2000 sniper rifles and 400 grenade launchers. According to Defense Express, new weapons will be delivered from 2024 for qualification. If all permits are received and inspections are completed, the first serial deliveries will be in six months and will continue for ten months.

“Verney-Carron’s product portfolio does not allow guessing for a long time what exactly will be delivered, because in addition to hunting weapons, this company produces VCD 15 assault rifles, a number of sniper riflesincluding the “Marksman” VCD 10 as well as single barrel 40mm VCS Mini 40 grenade launchers. The VCD 15 is a pretty standard AR-15, not much to add to it because it’s an extremely well known and proven platform.

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This is stated in the daily analysis of the Institute for the Study of War

This weapon is used by the special forces of the Moroccan navy,” the French company said.

Verney-Carron specializes in the production of hunting weapons.

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