The Nest of Poems Charity Initiative Raised Funds to Support the One in Eight Foundation

The Nest of Poems Charity Initiative Raised Funds to Support the One in Eight Foundation
The Nest of Poems Charity Initiative Raised Funds to Support the One in Eight Foundation

Art is a zone where impermanence remains in the background and spirituality takes wings. That is why like-minded people in it are often part of the socially active people in our society. Acting on this conviction, the non-profit association “Alfa Creative Team”-Haskovo implemented a noble cause within the framework of the third National competition “My Mother, My Virgin”, which was awarded a week ago, in which Krastyo Ralenkov was awarded the first prize.

One of the initiatives that started the contest was “Nest for Poems” – a forum for new authors to appear. In itself, “The Nest” is both a message and an aspiration from us – as authors and organizers – to arouse people’s interest in reading and remind us that we need to develop our spirit, and not to focus our attention mainly on material world. And this applies to young people, but also to middle-aged people like us. Reading should be encouraged. And the initiative also gives writers the opportunity to express themselves. In addition, the emotions are even stronger because it is tied to a charitable cause,” said Mitko Lambov from “Alfa Creative Team”. Together with Boyan Gegov from the association, today they opened the two donation boxes for the benefit of the “One of Eight” Foundation. The boxes were placed within the “Nest for Poems”, and the charity initiative went under the title “Take a book-give a hand”. 12 publishing houses took part in it and presented books by authors from all over the country. The collected funds will be donated to the Nana Gladwish Foundation, with which Alpha Creative Team is in direct contact. The amount of BGN 1,209 will be used for early diagnosis of breast cancer.

After the third edition of the competition “My Mother, My Mother of God”, Mitko Lambov continues to work with the young writing talents of Haskovo. He announced that he was relaunching a creative writing and reading group, Verbal Suns. “For me, these young wonderful children are the suns that should rise in the poetic firmament,” says the organizer. Creatively minded individuals with an affinity for measured and unmeasured speech can join the group’s activities and discussions that take place in “The Blue house” at 44 “Dobrudzha” street in Haskovo, in the “On the ceiling” art space, every Tuesday from 5 p.m.

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