However, Zico did not break ground on “Tsarevets” Street – however, he showed the project for the extension


The announced first sod on “Tsarevets” street by the mayor Zdravko Dimitrov was still not done. Although it was announced before the runoff by the Municipality of Plovdiv that the mayor would start the reconstruction, it was not given.

On the spot, it became clear that Zico would show the project and the changes imposed on it. The reason is clearly that, firstly, the site does not have a building permit, and secondly, the waterworks have not yet passed the Southern bypass collector.

This means that the work on Tsarevets Street by the Plovdiv Municipality cannot begin before 2024.

On the spot, the mayor boasted that he had changed the project the way it should have been – instead of replacing the collector under the current canvas, it will be moved to the new one. There, all properties have been expropriated, and the contractor for the plumbing project is already redesigning.

“There was not a single alienated property here, as it is on Alexander Stamboliyski Blvd.” Therefore, there was no way to change the project because it was too late. At least on “Tsarevets” street we did it properly”, said Zico.

The first part of “Tsarevets” street that will be rehabilitated is the section from “Hadji Dimitar” boulevard to the intersection with “Solunska”. This means that traffic on the newly renovated boulevard will be stopped.

The Deputy Mayor for Construction, Plamen Raichev, explained that he hopes that all activities at the intersection and the first part of “Tsarevets” street will be completed within a month, so as not to interfere with traffic.

It is expected that, after the waterworks have finished moving the collector and the water supply network, the Municipality of Plovdiv will begin the construction of the road section and pavements. The money for the project was provided through the 40 million loan.

Zico leaves as mayor of Plovdiv with the strangest first sod in his mandateThey are starting the renovation of “Tsarevets” street – however, nothing will be done there soon

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