Asya Kapchikova kicked out by her rich husband?

Asya Kapchikova kicked out by her rich husband?
Asya Kapchikova kicked out by her rich husband?

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Playmate Asya Kapchikova was kicked out by her rich husband and went home to her mother in her native Devin, while the children stayed with their father in Sofia, writes “Weekend”.

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The sexy model, who like Svetlana Guscherova became an exemplary wife and mother, stubbornly hid the father of her three children. According to acquaintances, his name is Ivaylo and his business is in the restaurant industry. Although he was long past fifty years, he was well maintained. The mysterious man kept his wife from bragging about him and from showing the children on social networks.

Kapchikova’s profile shows that she deleted all her photos with him, although his face was always hidden in them, as well as photos of the children – twins Ivian and Ianic and their brother Irian.

It is not clear what was the reason for their separation, but according to popular gossip, Asya’s partner had a very difficult character. However, the playmate had the life of a princess while they were together.

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