Many local participants returned with prizes from the national contest “Chicken Sings” : Vestnik Zname

Many local participants returned with prizes from the national contest “Chicken Sings” : Vestnik Zname
Many local participants returned with prizes from the national contest “Chicken Sings” : Vestnik Zname

SOFIA. The national competition “Chicken Sings” took place from October 7 to 22. For the twelfth time, the talents of Bulgarian music and dance met on many stages in the capital. The forum is included in the Program of Measures for the Protection of Gifted Children by the Ministry of Culture. The creator and main organizer is the “Nadka Karadjova 2012” folk community center in Sofia.

the national competition,

inspired by the work of the unforgettable singer Nadka Karadjova and her iconic song “Chicken sings”,

is held for the 12th time, and the regional stage in Strelcha this year was restored and held for the third time.

Shooting participants won prizes. Strelitsa singing group was awarded a gold medal. Silver medal was won by PG “Rodolyubtsi” and PG “Roden krai”. Katya Stoyanova was awarded a silver medal, and Staika Kalburova – a bronze medal.

There were also prizes for many other participants from the area. Special award “Pilentse Pee” 2023, Golden statuette for overall contribution received FTS “Tangra” – Non-profit association “Na orishtheto” – Popintsi, as well as Men’s folk singing group – PN “Rural awakening – 1927” – Varvara.

With gold medals

Ensemble for Authentic Folklore “Draginovo” – NP “Metodiy Draginov 1936” – Draginovo, Boryana Petrova Todorova – New Art Center – Peshtera, Group for Authentic Folklore “Rosna Kitka” – NP “Otets Paisiy 1930” – Rosen, DPG “Kavaka” ” – New Art Center – Peshtera, Duet Snezhka Vladova and Zorka Georgieva – “Bishop Dionysius – 1925” PN – Dragor, DUTS “Kavaka” – New Art Center – Peshtera, Mariana Tsekova – New Art Center – Peshtera, PFG “Zornitsa” – “Bishop Dionysius – 1925” – Dragor, Simona Pavlova – “Rural Awakening – 1927” – Varvara, “Iberski Rhythms” – “Vancho Pashov – 1884” – Poibrene, “Kavaka” – New Art Center – Peshtera, Formation for auto folklore “Voices of Orpheus” – ODK Pazardzhik.

Silver medals

conquered Damyan Stoyanov Simonov – Pazardzhik City Center, “Slantse” DFG – Prosveta – 1929 – Boshulya, Kavaka DTS – New Art Center – Peshtera, Emilia Stanislavova Basheva – New Art Center – Peshtera, “Rosna Kitka” ZHPG – Peshtera “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” – Isperihovo, Lina Georgieva Grozdanova – Primary School “Rural Revival – 1927” – Varvara, Mariela Hristova – Pazardzhik Educational Center, Marina Todorova Kertsadova – New Art Center – Peshtera, Radoslava Ilieva Lecheva – New Art Center – Peshtera

Bronze medals

were awarded to Ekaterina Todorova Marinova – New Art Center – Cave, Yildiz Asanova Sar’asanova – New Art Center – Cave, Keti Pavlova Naydenova – New Art Center – Cave, Mihaela Kalinova Karamarinova – New Art Center – Cave, Radomira Vasileva Dimova – New Art Center – A cave.

Mirela Lubomirova Tankova – DFAP – Pazardzhik “Elitsa” won an incentive.

The excitement among the many participants in the contest was enormous. The pride of the prize winners too. Here is feedback from the events, posted on Facebook by the Tangra Folk Dance Ensemble:

“Tangra Folklore Dance Group became the emblem of the National Folklore Festival “Chicken Sings” – Sofia 2023. These were the words of the organizer and member of the jury Mrs. Svetla Karadjova, who was really excited to listen to Sdnjegorsk songs and be transported to your own childhood. The performances of “I lay down on the road – songs and people from Popintsi” and “Osenovlashka – authentic dance” touched every heart in the audience. A deserved participation in a gala concert of the laureates was a real emotional moment.


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