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“I host wedding parties. In front of me and the guests, the newlyweds sign their wedding vows. Of course it’s done for fun and a little fictitious, I’m not displacing the civil status official.’ This is revealed to “Bulgaria Today” by the beautiful Boyana Karpatova from “The Voice of Bulgaria”. The singer from Gotse Delchev continues in the battle in the music reality show, after she was stolen from Ivan Lechev in the vocal duels and joined his team.

“Life in our area is bubbling, it’s good. With our work, we are constantly on the road. One day in Sofia, then in Varna, then on the other side. Here we rest to the fullest,” says Boyana, who defines herself as fighting, goal-oriented and a big dreamer.

Music accompanies the whole life of the singer.

“As a child, I gave concerts to my grandmothers, they were my most devoted audience. After the 7th grade, I moved to the then school of arts in Dimitrovgrad, where I started studying in a profiled class with pop singing. Music is a gene in my family, in which there are prominent clarinetists, my aunt is an opera singer in the USA, and her sister is into pop and jazz singing,” reveals Karpatova.

After completing secondary special education, Boyana returned to her native Gotse Delchev. He decides to come face to face with the profession and not to continue studying it.

“I started working in restaurants. Later I was a singer in Morocco, Norway and other countries. We went around in ships, we were also on land. We changed the destination three months ago. I sang pop, jazz, rock, country, world famous songs. I also perform folklore, because I was born with folk music,” reveals the radiant singer.

Her husband Petar Moskov has always been Boyana’s right hand.

“He is a folk dance choreographer and dancer. We are at performances together and I ask him about everything, as his opinion is important to me. He is a professional and does his best. We have a wonderful 8-year-old daughter – Zara, who is often watched by the grandmothers because of our commitments, but she understands us. An exceptionally artistic and musical child”, says Boyana Karpatova.

The performer is an ardent patriot.

“I love Bulgaria very much. I am extremely lucky to have been born on this small piece of land, but with such valuable people. We wish to be healthy, to have peace and love in our families, faith to everyone”, says the 35-year-old Boyana, but also admits that she has her own distinctive features: “It is not easy to live with me, because I am very demanding and I’ll take your soul out with cotton wool’.

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