Winter is coming! This is when you should prepare your vehicle with winter tires

Winter is coming! This is when you should prepare your vehicle with winter tires
Winter is coming! This is when you should prepare your vehicle with winter tires

The winter season is upon us and despite the warm days we should think about changing the tires. According to the road traffic law, the change from summer to winter tires must be done by November 15. This means we only have a few days to organize their replacement. Again, according to the road traffic law, it is clear that our cars must have winter tires by March 1st.

Owners of Plovdiv repair shops share before TrafficNews, that it is usually a good idea to change tires when temperatures start to drop below +7 degrees Celsius, as summer tires are not at all suitable for driving in cold temperatures. The depth of the grapple must be no less than 4 mm. At higher temperatures, however, winter tires wear out quickly.

They recommend changing before it gets really cold, because if you do it at the last minute, there’s a good chance you’ll be waiting too long to change tires. The replacement price varies, with the replacement of one tire costing about BGN 16.

“Rubber mixtures are used in summer and winter tires, respectively, in both types, these mixtures are different in composition. In summer tires, it is harder, and in winter tires, rubber compounds are specially designed to remain sufficiently elastic at low temperatures. Winter tires help with traction, which is especially important in winter conditions when the roads are covered with snow and ice.”says Ivan Karadjov.

Many drivers prefer to drive both summer and winter with all-season tires, which many professionals do not approve of. However, this is also not a good option, since these tires do not guarantee the stability that winter tires intended for ice surfaces guarantee.

“Don’t choose a compromise option, because the most important thing on the road is not only to obey the traffic rules, but also to be safe in our cars and our tires. Therefore, bet on summer tires in the summer and winter tires in the winter”. also advises the owner of a service under the hills.

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