September 28 – November 12, 2023

September 28 – November 12, 2023
September 28 – November 12, 2023

It wasn’t boring during this election campaign, you probably only missed the weekly roundup.

Let’s try to catch up.

Candidates were not only flowing from the taps, but they are still looking at us from the billboards.

And how quickly they understood about all the cultural, sports and other events that gather more people.

How suddenly they became interested in the problems of the Philharmonic and in the World Walking Day.

Even Orel learned where he was.

Also, how troll profiles are made and how mud is poured with barrels, even with containers for ships, here they have reached such heights that we would like to forget, but they are proud of themselves.

However, they failed to inspire people to vote, but it’s still not like complaining on Facebook – the favorite pastime of the people of Razgrad, although you pay for the Internet, and the elections in one version are free for you, and in the other you are paid.

But as everywhere in the country, less than half of the municipality’s residents participated in the election of the new mayor.

And oh, miracle, this time the elections were not decided in Jasenovets, where things are fifty-fifty 657:662 votes.

It was decided by the hard cores of the parties, who supported one candidate and who at the national level work together, but at the local level they made a different choice.

And so we have the youngest mayor in the democratic history of Razgrad, and perhaps currently in all the regional cities in Bulgaria – the independent 37-year-old Dobrin Dobrev, supported by BSP, VMRO and other lesser-known parties and organizations.

But the Facebook community didn’t give him 100 days, or even 100 minutes of tolerance, they pushed him from the morning after the runoff with teasing tasks.

And there is work to be done, there is.

This is probably why the session was moved earlier than the originally scheduled date.

Moreover, the symbolism of November 10 is not without significance

And on that date, we saw what we have chosen as municipal councilors.

From the dunner up.

It can also go down, some names and faces are not particularly popular, but the important thing is that they vote under strict party discipline.

Here follows a minute for sprinkling the head with ashes, because we predicted a woman in the run-off, and a woman mayor was also languishing before our eyes.

But still, women had 132 and 202 votes until the runoff, and in the Municipal Council they are exactly 33% of the 33.

And one is already the second person in the local government.

As of Friday, Galina Georgieva from GERB is the new speaker of the local parliament.

More interesting meetings of the Municipal Council await us, as well as an interesting mandate with the local triple coalition.

In the remaining 6 municipalities – the level of the Danube River is unchanged and the victory of the DPS is even inevitable in many places.

They nominated and elected the same mayors, one almost went to a run-off, when we went to bed this is what the results looked like when we woke up – he had won the first round by a landslide and now this result is one of the three that reached the Administrative Court.

Not that we expect cataclysms as a result of the court decisions.

Complaints poured in on both election days, but only the decisions of the municipal election commissions, which often carried out checks by phone, were more entertaining to read than them, and a register of complaints never appeared on the websites of some OICs.

That’s probably enough for the election, except to add the most important event during the campaign – a supreme visit, because of which half the city was blocked, and the regional governor of Begom goes to unlock the mosque so that Magnitsky can see it, and something else to – was it skiing

Let’s not forget the linguistic hit of the campaign, rather at its finale – the word “Uydurma”.

Very melodious, it’s just a bit strange how at the national level the three-letter and four-letter coalition smells of flowers and roses, and in Ludogorie it’s “Uydurma”.

Maybe it’s just that the grapes are sour.

While the election passions were in full swing or dying down, other things happened in Razgradsko – good and bad.

Remzi Redzeb became the world champion in veteran wrestling for the eighth time.

Nikol Antonova performs beautifully in “Voice of Bulgaria” and will probably make us proud almost as we were proud of her father years ago – the fastest white man on the planet Nikolay Antonov.

Perhaps talents are not always passed down through generations, even in different fields.

The “Children’s Arena of the Titans” turned into a nice celebration and reminded us that we must first be good people.

Dr. Krasimir Petrov deservedly won the “Family Doctor of the Year” award.

“Ludogorets” got a new old coach and is back on the right track.

The “Eagles” pleased us with such a nice victory against “Fenerbahçe” that UEFA noticed us by nominating the goal of this fire boy Piotrowski for “Goal of the Round” and he, after voting by football fans from all over Europe, won this award.

The musicians, as well as a large part of the cultural community of Razgrad, demanded the resignation of the director of the Theater and Music Center Tanya Karbova because of the attempts to close the Symphony Orchestra.

And the worst happened in Lavino – a three-minute tornado took the roofs of 165 families.

The people there are still in shock, but the recovery started immediately and the institutions moved expeditiously, and the ordinary people even faster and even more wholeheartedly.

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