Protest! Russians rose again because of the dirty air

Protest! Russians rose again because of the dirty air
Protest! Russians rose again because of the dirty air

Again, a protest for clean air in Ruse briefly blocked the Danube bridge. For the second day in a row, disgruntled Russians drove through a part of the city in cars with black balloons on them.

The march ended at the border post, where protesters got out of their cars and briefly blocked traffic in the roundabout area. They demanded strict sanctions against polluting enterprises and urgent measures by all state and local institutions to solve the long-standing problem with unpleasant odors in Ruse.

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People also spoke out against the construction of an incinerator for burning waste in the neighboring Romanian city of Giurgiu. Signatures with a signal to the Minister of Environment and Water are also being collected. Other initiatives have already been planned to promote and attract the attention of more people to the problems that have plagued Russians for more than 10 years – campaigns on the Internet and social networks, flash mobs in neighborhoods, BNT reported.

An eco fest will also be organized, as well as a proper welcome for the newly elected municipal councilors of Ruse, with which they will be visited that they are in the local parliament to protect the rights of the residents of the region, including that for clean air.

Photo: Plamen Levanski

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