The basketball victories of Valtsi-Razgrad continue


On Saturday, two matches were played in the “Abritus” hall from the East Elite Group of the state championships for teenagers, the basketball club “Valtsi-Razgrad” reports.

The Valtsi-Razgrad teams were supported by parents, friends, as well as the mascot of PFC “Ludogorets” – the eagle Fortuna, who brought luck to the Razgrad basketball players.
The boys under 14 delighted the audience with a victory. In the third round of the Elite Group East, they demonstrated a great desire to win and defeated the current republican champion at this age – Dorostol Silistra by 49:46 points. For comparison – only four months ago, the people of Razgrad lost to the same opponent in the final of the republican championship by a margin of 20 points.

In the second match of the day, the girls under 14 came out as favorites against the debutant in Elite – the Asenovets 2005 team, which is made up of girls a year younger. Girls from Razgrad handled it with ease and finished the match with 91:25 points.

“The great start of the season for all the teams of Valtsi-Razgrad is the result of a lot of work and dedication. We congratulate all our competitors who follow the example of the best and are in the gym every day! We thank “Ameta” with their “Ludogor chicken” brand, as well as all the donors, for giving us the chance to work intensively and glorify Razgrad at the national level. We thank the Municipality of Razgrad for the perfect conditions for the training and competition process in the Abritus hall,” the club says.
The Wolves’ next home tournament is on October 14, when the under-16s welcome Star Basket Varna at 09:00 and Svetkavitsa Targovishte at 15:15. All basketball fans are welcome to Abritus hall to watch the matches live.

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