“Forum” Gallery presents the unknown Face

“Forum” Gallery presents the unknown Face
“Forum” Gallery presents the unknown Face

Another interesting exhibition in the “Forum” gallery opens new pages for the public of Haskovo about one of the most beloved artists from the city’s recent past. Dimitar Ivanov-Litso is presented with previously unseen drawings and watercolors. Its official opening is tonight at 5:30 p.m.

Some of them are among the first in the collection of the Haskov Art Gallery, which today already has a very rich fund. They were provided as a donation by the artist’s relatives, said the director of the Atanas Sharenkov Art Gallery, under whose umbrella is also the Forum Gallery, Tatyana Foreva.

The exhibition includes 22 works by Litso. Their full authenticity has been preserved and they can be seen as they have been stored for decades in the gallery folders.

With funding under the municipal program for supporting projects in culture, now the works of the master of the brush are framed and it becomes possible to show them to the public, specified Tatyana Foreva.

The drawings and paintings are mostly from Lizzo’s early period. The oldest of them, which is the exhibition in the “Forum” gallery, dates back to 1916.

“Through these drawings and watercolors, we rediscover Lisso, we add more impressions not only of his mastery, but also of his everyday life to some extent, of what the city looked like, the author’s favorite places in his time – all this is documented by him. That’s why we can call a face an “encyclopedia” of Hasakvo from that time”, the gallerist pointed out, referring to the fact that there are many details written on each painting – besides the name of the artist, the place where it was made, the date, and some even and the day.

The gallery has more projects for interesting paintings from the fund, which are waiting their turn to be updated and get their chance to meet art admirers.

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