Outraged passengers: A conductor of public transport in Plovdiv stepped on people, systematically yelling at them


The grumpy attitude of public transport staff outraged the people of Plovdiv. The unpleasant situation for the passengers developed this morning in Bus No. 1 in the direction of Kyuchuk Paris – Center, according to a reader of TrafficNews. “IN at one point the lady conductor started stepping on people’s feet. Nthey fixed it her remark, and she started shouting and arguing with the passengers on the bus“, commented a witness.

He said that public transport users were outraged by the woman’s behavior. From a conversation with regular passengers on the line, it became clear that the conductor’s bad attitude is systemic.

Instead of attending to her duties, she wonders who to argue with and nags. Many travelers commented that she was grumpy and aggressive. Nobody likes to listen to nonsense or quarrels in the morning and does not want to be pushed and stepped on,” adds the Plovdiv resident.

According to him, at some point the bus driver asked her to stop yelling and screaming: “apparently he can’t stand her either,” the passenger said.

He appealed to transport companies and OKT to take control over the attitude of public transport employees. However, the latter would hardly come to a resolution of this case, as they are still struggling to settle the issue of systematic non-fulfilment of timetables and second-hand ticket resale fraud.

We remind you that according to information from our media, one of the carriers in the consortium with which Plovdiv municipality has a contract has achieved an anti-record in terms of the execution of the routes entrusted to it. By 10:00 a.m., 17 out of a total of 23 Hebros Bus buses serving the 5 urban transport lines – 6, 7, 29, 37 and 99 – were missing from the streets.

Inadmissible! “Hebros Bus” did not make 70% of its flights in Plovdiv, bankruptcy is a matter of timeWe will prepare a report to the mayor – about transferring lines, or even terminating the contract, said the OKT chief

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