Like-minded people call: Let a wave of charity flood Veliko Tarnovo on November 21 – the Day of the Christian Family!

Like-minded people call: Let a wave of charity flood Veliko Tarnovo on November 21 – the Day of the Christian Family!
Like-minded people call: Let a wave of charity flood Veliko Tarnovo on November 21 – the Day of the Christian Family!

Like-minded people are calling for a wave of charity to flood Veliko Tarnovo on the bright feast of the Introduction of the Mother of God – Day of the Christian family and the Orthodox Christian learning youth.

For 13 years, November 21 has been celebrated as a city holiday and the Municipality has organized a series of initiatives. They include schools, citizen kindergartens. For the second year in a row, on this day, a charity bazaar will be held at “Bacho Kiro” Primary School in Veliko Tarnovo. But it seems that our society has not yet accepted the essence and importance of this bright holiday, so we want it to reach the hearts of as many people as possible. This was stated today by the fashion designer Atanas Parushev, who is also a teacher of religion in the free-choice training classes at “Bacho Kiro” Elementary School, Penka Ignatova – director of the “Education, Youth Activities and Sports” Directorate in the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo and Svetla Ivanova – secretary at the Faculty of Theology at VTU “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” and wife of Father Slavcho.

For Introduction Our Lady – Day of the Christian Family, we invite all residents of Veliko Tarnovo to extend a “Hand full of love” in support of the Miroslava and Zahari Parvanovi family, their newborn triplets and 2-year-old brother, who are in a difficult situation, said Atanas Parushev. In “Bacho Kiro” elementary school, they learned about the family from the dedicated employees of the Directorate of Social Assistance – in Veliko Tarnovo.

With the efforts of the parents of the 2nd grade, we will once again organize a culinary bazaar to raise funds for the family. Parents and children will prepare a delicious product (cake/in pieces/, muffins, cookies, pies, etc.) individually wrapped, which will be offered at the bazaar on the holiday day. We will be happy to be together in this endeavor by inviting the students of the 1st, 3rd and 4th grades during the breaks to buy the culinary offerings, which will be priced at BGN 1. We will donate the collected funds through the school management to the family in order to provide what is necessary for the four children, Parushev pointed out.

On November 21, the holiday will be celebrated in the Assembly Hall, where there will be performances of poems, songs, dances and a blessing for health and success.

With the Culinary Bazaar, our fellowship and empathy in charity created a miracle last year! We believe that together we will be able to turn love into good deeds and show that we remember the words of the wise King Solomon: “Do not refuse to do good to the one in need when your hand has the strength to do it.”/Proverbs 3 :27/, the religion teacher also points out.

He and Svetla Ivanova recalled the biblical story of Joachim and Anna of Nazareth. They came from rich families, had a nice home and loved each other very much. They gave to the poor without costing themselves. The inhabitants of the city knew them as virtuous and generous people who lived according to God’s commandments and were an example of faith. But the husbands were sad because they had no children. Every day they prayed fervently to God for a child and made a promise to dedicate it to him.

God heard their prayers and blessed them with a child – Mary – the mother of God’s Son Jesus Christ.

The feast of Introduction Theotokos tells of the entry of the Holy Virgin Mary into the Jerusalem temple. When Mary was three years old, the pious parents Joakim and Anna fulfilled their promise to dedicate her to God and left their daughter in the temple – to serve the Lord and prepare for her great mission as the Mother of God. The Orthodox Church honors this day as the Day of the Christian Family.

The family’s going to church on November 21 symbolizes the entry of the three-year-old Maria into the temple and reminds fathers and mothers of their spiritual obligations to children, the like-minded recalled. They called on the people of Veliko Tarnovo, following the example of the righteous Joakim and Anna, to be empathetic and responsive in charitable initiatives!

Atanas Parushev also indicated that he is having personal conversations with business representatives in Veliko Tarnovo who will join the charity initiatives.

Penka Ignatova recalled that in the Great Hall of the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo for 13 years, the Introduction of the Virgin has been celebrated as a great holiday, which has always been supported by the city administration. This year, four kindergartens with more than 120 children will participate in the celebration – “Zdravets”, as the leader in organizing the show, “Ivaylo”, “Ivanka Boteva” and “Alen Mak”. A treat and a message prepared by religion teacher Parushev will be provided for everyone.

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