Gunaiden did not remember the ax fight in “Orpheus”, he faces 10 to 20 years in prison

Gunaiden did not remember the ax fight in “Orpheus”, he faces 10 to 20 years in prison
Gunaiden did not remember the ax fight in “Orpheus”, he faces 10 to 20 years in prison

The most serious measure of remand “detention” was given to 22-year-old Gunaydon Stoyanov from Haskovo, who attacked his friend with an ax during a drunken scandal in Haskovo’s “Orfey” district. The victim, 37-year-old Ahmed Ahmed, was taken to the General Hospital – Haskovo with a fractured skull and a life-threatening condition.

After the session in the District Court – Haskovo today, the accused stated that they had known Ahmed for about 2 years. They worked together in a garbage disposal company. On November 12, the two were in company in front of a store in “Orpheus”, where they were having lunch. At one point, they had an argument and the younger man went back to his home in the “Republika” district. A little later, he returned and hit his friend in the right temple in the head with an ax, after which he went home again. At around 6 p.m., a report was made to the police and the young man was detained.

After today’s session in the District Court – Haskovo, Gunaydon stated that he drank about 1 liter of brandy and does not remember what happened. He said he was sorry. It became clear that he had used methamphetamine, but he was on the run.

The prosecutor in the Eleonora Ivanova case pleaded that the accused be left in custody. His official lawyer, Dimo ​​Atanasov, requested a measure of “house arrest” for his client. He pointed out that Gunaydon has no convictions, has a permanent address, is employed and has good personal data.

The accused, for his part, twice asked for “probation”, although at this point in the case the imposition of the punishment is not considered, but only whether he should remain in custody or not.

Judge Julieta Serafimova decided that Gunaiden should remain in custody. Among her reasons were that there was reasonable suspicion that he was complicit in the act, was in danger of absconding or committing another crime. The ruling is subject to appeal before the Court of Appeal – Plovdiv within 3 days.

If proven guilty, a penalty of 10 to 20 years in prison is provided.

Aneta Kutelova

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